Mistaken Identity…?

Some say its mistaken identity, others have described the event and naming as unfortunate, but Mr. Mohammed Kargbo of the Geological Surveys Department did not rule out the fact that Waterloo and its surroundings are not his new places of operations including Devil Hole, Allen Town, Jui, Hastings and others. “I have never gone beyond Waterloo or its outskirt, I mean villages associated with the district as was published” Kargbo remarked.
The illegal land grabbing of a large piece of land situate and lying on the Highway of Kosso Village along the Waterloo-Tombo route by members of Manja Marrah (Nee Sesay) continued to be investigated by the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment.
The Minister, Hon. Alieu Patsowe who was reportedly humiliated and abused by one of the Surveyors imported from Freetown to conduct the survey on 15th October, 2011 has not treated the matter lightly especially when one of the Surveyors assumed the name of Buba Samura of the Housing Department to accomplish the illegal assignment giving to them by ASP Bangura of the Police Training School at Hasting. “I heard about the incident, but honestly I was not involved and will never impersonate my colleague, Buba Samura because I am also a well known person at the Geological Survey Department” Kargbo added.
Whether it was a mistaken identity to refer to Mohammed Kargbo as one of the Surveyors that went to the scene, which led to chaos between the villagers, the hired Surveyors and family members of Manja Marrah is left to be established by the investigation as the matter has since received the attention of the hierarchy of the Police and Ministry of Lands Officials, whom report states are both looking into the matter with seriousness.
The element of conspiracy and connivance between the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr. A.B.Bangura and the Surveyors has been detected and report states that he gave instruction to them, using police influence to satisfy his girlfriend Mrs. Manja Marrah. It would be recalled that Mr. A.B. Bangura left his Police Post at the Hasting Training School without obtaining permission from his Superior, the Commandant of the School to accompany relatives of his girlfriend and a handful of thugs from Hasting to intimidate residents of the village who had rejected them during their initial visit. It was when Mr. A.B.Bangura went with the Surveyors and the thugs that they forced their way through to conduct what has now become a serious concern to officials of the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment.
Last Sunday 23rd October, 2011 Mohammed Kargbo visited the village in a Black Mercedes Benz Car and was seen in the company of some of his relatives who accompanied him to be identified by youths and residents of the village who were present at the time the incident took place. “We did not see this gentleman” Pastor John Williams said and was confirmed by Mr. Augustine Jusu. They explained that one of the Surveyors Mr. A.B.Bangura took to do the illegal job resembles Mohammed Kargbo, tall, black with patches of grey hairs on his mustache and the other was slim with a medium height “We are waiting for them to come to our village again to take our lands” Pastor Williams said.
Illegal land grabbing has been one of the oldest syndicate existing in the country with support from Surveyors who are desperate to make fast money. Last week burning of part of the Lands Ministry is currently being used as an excuse by most Surveyors to deceive their clients they have collected money from, claiming that their documents had been burnt down by the mysterious fire that gutted the office of the National Revenue Authority at the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment

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