The “power of love” or the “love of power?”

By Queen Love

As a survivor and a human right advocate on abusive issues, I know for sure that the universe did not create itself and nobody showed up here by accident but by divine providence. Everything and everybody was created for a good reason. But is everything and everybody really doing what they were created to do? Not at all! One of the beautiful things about genuine love is; you will never be forced to do anything you do not want to do. Genuine love will allow you to willingly choose to do what you want to do or willingly choose not to. So any time somebody forces you to do something you do not want to do, that person is being controlled and in turn controlling you with the love of power and not the power of love. It is very important for everybody to know the difference between these two great forces. The power of love and the love of power are two very powerful forces that drive human beings to a state of sanity or insanity. These two forces are absolute opposites, and it is either one or the other. You can never have both forces in your life because your heart is not big enough to accommodate both. One is a healer and the other is a destroyer. One loves and brings people together but the other hates and divides people. One is a big giver that expects nothing back in return but the other gives only to take it all back plus more. One is very brave and brilliant but the other is a coward and very stupid. One represents peace but the other represents war. The power of love is an awesome healing balm for the soul while as the love of power is a very dangerous poison for the soul. The power of love is a magnificent force that makes you aware of other people’s sufferings and needs. But the love of power makes you think you are better than others so you look down and take advantage of them any time an opportunity presents itself. The power of love moves you out of your comfort zone and gives you the zeal to help the poor, the sick and the less privileged. But the love of power could care less about those unfortunate people or pretend to care with the intention to use and abuse them. The power of love empowers you to speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves, and defend those who can’t defend themselves. But the love of power terrorizes those they are supposed to protect then lead them right into trouble situations and leave them there. Fear doesn’t have any stronghold over the power of love because there is no secret or selfish agenda in this awesome force. But fear has a huge stronghold over the love of power because it operates in greed, hatred and self gratification. The power of love is filled with self sacrificial love that is never based on gender, financial, religion, intellectual status, nationality, denomination or skin color. But the love of power sees it all with a biased and twisted point of view. The power of love is wholly and solely based on genuine love which is never selfish, never pretentious and never superficial. But the love of power is double minded and can never be trusted because people controlled by this power will hurt and kill others for their own selfish gains. The power of love will never compromise or influence you to say yes when it is no, or say no when it is yes, do you know why? Because, this special force stands and operates on the everlasting, unchangeable and unbreakable Truth that has no prejudice motives but simply to love. Since every human being’s greatest desire is to be loved genuinely, because genuine love is the only thing that can fully satisfy the human soul, then every human being needs to be empowered to love genuinely. People who are controlled by the love of power are spiritually and mentally ill and their point of view has been distorted and turned upside down. They are hurting deep down and will in turn continue to hurt others without any remorse at all because as far as they are concerned, what they are doing is normal. The love of power makes people live a false life, drives them crazy, makes them chase after vanity 24/7, and leaves them hungry, thirsty, empty, frustrated, depressed and hurting deep down. In a nutshell, the love of power is a very negative and self destructive force at the end. But on the other side, the power of love is real, truthful, the greatest and the most positive force in the whole universe that every soul and everything is craving for on a daily basis. The power of love empowers us to do everything out of love no matter what it may take or how long it may take. The rewards of the power of love in your life are abundance of blessings that can never be compared to any amount of money on earth. So I encourage you all to allow the power of love to reign in your life because eventually, the power of love will overpower the love of power. May Almighty God continue to abundantly bless us all and our beautiful nation! (Published Verbatim)

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