By Queen Love

Artists have a sixth sense and they see everything in a different dimension than everybody else does. Even before I knew that I am an artist, in my mind’s eye, I have always seen the bigger, better and positive sides of life. And I have always believed that every human being deserves to be on those sides too. My biggest problem was “FEAR!” I was a very timid girl and was afraid to show or voice out what I felt deep down because I didn’t want to hurt anybody with my big, better and positive thoughts. So I would pretend and go with the flow to please everybody, but I just couldn’t fit in or settle.

You could say that I wasn’t a good pretender and will never be one, I thank God for that! Have you ever stopped and wondered why people are so busy running all over the world to get things accomplished, but right under their own nose, something is terribly wrong in their own personal life? Have you ever wondered why people have attitudinal and behavioral problems and they are also struggling with lying, stealing, gossiping, envy, selfishness, anger, fear, jealousy, prostitution, addictions, hatred, and so on? Have you ever wondered why some men rape children and women, or why some women poison their husbands just to accumulate and be in control of all the money and properties? Have you ever wondered why family members fight and hurt each other for material things that are here today but can vanish in a twinkle of an eye in a flood, hurricane, fire, tsunami, earthquake or they eventually die and leave it all? And have you ever wondered why human beings make guns and all the nuclear weapons of mass destructions, just to declare and wage war against other human beings? Well, my dear sister or brother, domestic violence is the root cause of all these negative issues we all struggle with on a daily basis. Our first earthly parents were gravely abused when they were lied to by the enemy, and they suffered a spiritually death. They were abused psychologically because of the lie, and spiritually because of their disobedience. These two types of abuse are the most harmful with very serious repercussions. And because of these reasons, every human being is born with psychological and spiritual malfunctions, and is hurting deep down. Even though they were cautioned and warned, our first earthly parents willingly chose to disobey without any force, and not only the human race was affected, but every living creature and the whole universe for that matter was affected. Believe it or not, that is where domestic violence started. They passed it on to their children, and it escalated to the older brother killing the younger brother. It has been going on and getting worse ever since then, and we are seeing the after effects in our lives and everywhere today in the whole world. The pure concentrated love ingredients in our first earthly parent’s love containers were contaminated by sinful ingredients that messed up the whole creation. And no matter how we try to fix things on our own, we will keep going round the same old wilderness, valleys and mountains over and over again. On a daily basis we lay a lot of emphasis on money issues, political issues, war issues, developmental issues, social issues and all the other issues, but never on LOVE issues. Let us all step on our brakes for a minute to ponder on why we are all out there chasing after one thing or the other while deep down we are hurting and incomplete. Let us look within and deal with the personal issues we are struggling with so that our lives will get back on the right track without all the pretence, the stress, the frustrations and depressions we face at the end of every day. The struggles that we have within cannot be resolved by war, politics, drugs, alcohol, sex, money, power, worldly luxuries or any other thing we are chasing after out there, but by Unconditional Love. We can suppress our personal issues and pretend that all is well, but sooner or later, the condition of our hearts will expose us through our negative attitudes and behaviors toward life and each other. We need to recognize and resolve our personal issues for the benefit of ourselves, family members, our community and our beloved country, and we shouldn’t look anywhere else but within, deep in our “HEARTS!” Let us stop the finger pointing, the name calling and the blame games; and deal with our individual hearts first. The problem with our attitudes and behaviors has nothing to do with the influence of the “West,” but within. Our hearts need to be healed, and while our hearts are being healed, being filled and restored with no other substitute but unconditional love, then we can smoothly move on to resolving all the other issues with God’s help. Everything we do from then on will be based on genuine love for everyone and our country as a whole, and not on selfish motives. I have seen other countries making the same mistakes and at the end they turn around and destroy their countries and innocent lives in war and conflicts among themselves, all because they put the cat before the horse. We have been there and don’t ever want to go back there. After every pain and suffering we all went through during the ten years of war in our country, the first thing we should do to rebuild our nation is to start with a brand new foundation based on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The foundation of any relationship that is built on unconditional love can never be destroyed by tribalism, power, money, selfishness, politics, greed, violence, poverty or war, because this special kind of love is stronger and more powerful, and it goes beyond every selfish barriers. The human heart is the most important, most delicate and sensitive organ in our soul that should never be neglected, mistreated or misused. The human heart which I call our “love vessel, love tank or love container,” is the organ that was specifically made to contain the precious life and love of our Creator, Almighty God. He made the heart especially for His kind of love so that all the other organs will operate and perform their duties harmoniously to accomplish His wonderful purposes on earth. We did not create ourselves and the universe; the universe did not create itself and us either. Therefore, we need to put everything aside and call on our Creator to help us out of all the merry go rounds once and for all. Then we need to surrender and open our hearts to Him so He could perform a spiritual surgery to remove our stony hearts and replace them with hearts of love. As soon as our precious hearts start to heal, the way we see ourselves and things will automatically change, our thought patterns will change, our feelings and emotions will change, our attitudes and behaviors will change, our negative actions against each other will change, and eventually our lives and environments will be transformed too. Only a pure heart can transform a negative attitude and behavior into a positive attitude and behavior. This transformation will never happen if the condition of the heart is bad. A broken and hurting heart will never transmit positive energy to the other organs of the soul that affects the whole being and our attitudes. The conditions of our hearts whether good or bad determines the way we think, and our thinking process determines our feelings and emotions for everything we perceive, which in turn determines our attitudes, behaviors and actions toward each other and life as a whole. Whatever we are deep in our hearts is what we manifest in our day to day dealings with people. We cherish money and things more than the human beings who carry the most priceless treasures on earth, all because of the conditions of our hearts and the way our sinful minds have been programmed to operate for ages. Every human being is the most amazing and unique creation of all God’s creations, because He is personally in all of our hearts. We wouldn’t have all the powerful ideas, thoughts, gifts, talents, knowledge and abilities to create, invent, build and make everything we enjoy here on earth without Almighty God’s precious life in us. But the big issue here is, we take all our precious time on earth to build and make beautiful things for our own good, then we turn around and destroy it all because our motives were wrong all along. The heart is the treasure container of every life on earth that should belong to nobody and nothing else but God, because He controls our every breath. He is a compassionate God with no selfish motives because He is all powerful, all knowing, self-sufficient and everywhere. God is REAL. And He is the only Genuine Reality on earth. So if we want to deal with the worldly realities of our lives once and for all, we are going to have to allow Him right back where He belongs in our hearts because sooner or later, we will face Him and individually give an account of why we refused to learn from our ancestors’ mistakes. He alone can and will do for us more than we could ever dream of doing for ourselves. He created it all, He knows it all, and He alone has all the answers we are all searching for everywhere and for all the wrong motives. We can look great, smell good, speak eloquently and live beautiful lives. And we can take all the teachings, the therapies and the counseling to change our negative attitudes and behaviors, but those processes are temporary short cuts that will take us all the way back to square one. Then when we eventually exit this world, we will meet our Creator waiting for His rebellious children. If our ancestors had what it took to disobey and cause sin to mess up our lives, then surely enough, we too have what it takes to allow our Creator to take over and restore our lives back to the people He originally created us to be. The real war of good and evil always starts in the fragile human mind because of the negative issues in the heart. That is why the earlier we deal with the negative issues in our hearts, the better our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, behaviors and actions will change towards each other. The manifestations of one bad heart doesn’t only destroy one life, but a whole nation and beyond. Teenage pregnancy, prostitution, violence, abortion, rape, global climate change, epidemics, unemployment and all the other problems in the world are manifestations of the condition of the human heart. Nothing at all but a pure heart is what it is going to take to change our mindsets and our attitudes for better and healthy relationships in our lives. God is an awesome Creator whose love for us is unconditional. He cannot be a positive and optimistic God and at the same time create people with bad hearts and negative attitudes. He will never force us to obey Him and give up our selfish will for His perfect will for our lives. But that is why He gave us common sense to help us know that just as we willingly chose to turn away, so also we should willingly choose to come back and be victors instead of victims of our own choices. As your dear sister and a human rights advocate on abusive issues, I am appealing to churches, other religious organizations, family members and everybody out there, let us all open our hearts for God’s supernatural healing power to heal and empower our hearts to transmit positive energy into our thoughts, feelings, emotions, will, conscience, minds, attitudes, behaviors and actions. Let us start putting extra emphasis on LOVE for our Creator and one another more than anything else, and let us not just talk about it, but show it, because LOVE has always been the foundation and reason for our existence. Until next time, stay connected and stay blessed.(Published Verbatim)

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