Anti Corruption Commission Storm Bo Hospital …Nurses and Doctors Receive Lectures

Anthony B. Samu (District Coordinator-Bo)

The Anti- Corruption Commission on last Friday held a sensitization meeting with health workers including nurses under the supervision of the District Health Management Team (DHMT) of Bo District. The meeting took place at the nurses training hall in the Bo Government Hospital and attracted over one hundred health workers including the Bo District Medical Officer, DHMT staff, MCH Aide nurses and In-Charges of District Peripheral Health Units (PHUs) in the Bo District.


Explaining the purpose of the meeting, the District Coordinating Officer of the Anti-Corruption Commission Mr. Anthony Samu, said that the meeting is just one of the normal sensitization meetings organized with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). The meeting he went on was to up date the District health staff on the activities of the Commission and to discuss ways that the health staff in the Chiefdoms can support the work of the Commission.


Mr. Samu lauded the District Health Management Team and entire District health staff for the good work they are doing despite the many challenges. He encouraged the general audience to be active participants at the meeting as they now have the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications on issues about the Commission of which they do not understand. As health issue is a national concern, similarly, the fight against corruption is a national concern, Mr. Samu concluded.


Giving an overview of the Commission and update, Mr. Patrick Sandi, Regional Manager–South, intimated his audience that the Anti-Corruption Commission is not a new outfit and that not every one likes the Anti-Corruption Commission. Mr. Sandi talked about Corruption related cases which stem from procurement, contract award, escaping export & import duties amongst others. He said that the dangers of corruption are many, citing poverty and under-development in a nation. Mr. Sandi therefore implored the cooperation and support of all in the fight against corruption.


According to Mr. Sandi, corruption also fights back because offenders of corrupt practices are always finding new ways and strategies to overcome systems put in place. He advised and encouraged all the health staff to resist, reject and report corruption, highlighting some of the offences in the Anti-Corruption Act 2008, and stressing that the minimum penalty for each offence for corrupt offenders is a fine of not less than Thirty Million Leones or three years jail term or both fine and jail term.


Also, the Regional Manager highlighted the strides the Commission had made in the recovery of stolen monies and the indictments and conviction of corrupt offenders which involved high profile personalities.  The ACC targets offenders at all levels irrespective of the level of corruption activity and status of the personality involved, Mr. Sandi maintained. He explained that the Commission employs a three- pronged- approach in the fight against corruption, namely Public education through the media and meetings, Prevention through the review of existing systems or structures in institutions and confrontation through investigations and prosecution of alleged corrupt offenders.


Earlier, Mr. Tamba Ngegba representing the District Medical Officer, Bo District welcomed the ACC team indicating that they are keen to listen to officers of the Commission in Bo since there are lots of questions staff may like to ask including issues of clarification. The meeting was climaxed with an interactive question and answer session. The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Tamba Ngegba of the Bo District Health Management Team.

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