Aljazeera showcases Sierra Leone negatively as US$24Million “Businessmen” sneaked out

A US$24 Million investment in logging trade has turned out to be a sham. Believed to be politically motivated to showcase Sierra Leone as a country where bribery is the order of the day, two individuals, recently surfaced in the country and claimed to be investors, but were later identified as employees working for the Doha Aljazeera Television Cable Networks. On their arrival they teamed up with Albert Momoh, an employee of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Co, operation (SLBC) who was already mopping up the ground to carry out their mission of projecting the country in a negative perspective overseas.

The two were Abdul Seyram, who gave an address as P.O.Box 8253-North Ghana and the other a Ghanaian national, who refused giving his name, but gave 37, Percival Street as his business address. They pretended to register a Company known as Taybar Services with 14,000 shares for the Ghanaian national represent the principal share holder of the Company, Albert Momoh of 9, Albert Street in Freetown with 1,000 shares and Abdul Seyram offered 5000 shares.

The kick-off date of the business was to be announced when all modalities should have been put in place, according to what the investors explained to a local businessman called Alex Mansaray.

Without knowing their plans Alex Mansaray told standard times that he explained to them that it is not difficult to do business in Sierra Leone as long the funds are available. Investigations carried out by this medium revealed that they requested the services of a lawyer to put together a Memorandum of Association and Articles which was provided to them by a private citizen, but when the issue of registering the Company as a Private Limited Liability came up they abandoned the process and sneaked out of the country claiming that Alex Mansaray demanded the sum of $150,000 for the process to go through.

Talking to Alex Mansaray, he said he did not request any amount of money from them, but advised that they should have funds to do the business, since they intend to pump in Twenty Four Million Dollars into running the logging Company.

Police sources say they alleged that Alex Mansaray wanted to extort money from them when he claimed that he is the Political Adviser to VP Sam Sumana, while another individual they contacted claimed that he is the Political Campaign Manager to the second gentleman of the state. They alleged that these two Sierra Leoneans requested US$50,000 for the Vice President and another US$50,000 for the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and the remaining US$50,000 should go towards registering the Company.

Confronting the Vice President prior to their departure from the Country, sources say the Vice President was shocked to hear from them that “his men” had demanded money from the so-called investors. It would be recalled that a ban was placed on logging sometime back, and the government of President Koroma is opposed to logging and importation of logs to foreign countries.

The motive for bringing the Vice President into the picture has prompted several unanswered questions from the public, which is now the subject of police investigation.

Meanwhile, Albert Momoh has reportedly left the country for Sweden where he called on 004635106336 to say that he wanted to response to what he described as an allegation that has been levied against him.

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