An Open Letter to President Ernest Koroma Please Rescue Capt. Valentine Strasser

July 24, 2011 0 By admin
Valentine Strasser....Was Not A Bad Guy

Valentine Strasser....Was Not A Bad Guy

Posted by Donald Georgestone California

Dear Mr President

The deteriorating condition of a former Head of State of Sierra Leone

and a former military  Officer ,  Capt .  Valentine Strassar,   who

went  to  the  battle  field  to  save   the  peaceful   people  of  the

Republic of Sierra Leone is on the Internet, and it is seen all

over the world .

Mr  President ,  the  whole  world is  waiting  and  watching  , to   see

if  your Government has  respect  for  a  former Head  of  State  of  the

country you  are  now  governing ,  and a  former  Miltary  Officer  who

was shot  on  the  line  of  duty .


Capt. Valentine  Strasser was  Head of  State  of  Sierra  Leone from

April  29 , 1992  through January 16 , 1996 .  Prior  to  that  period ,  he

was   shot  on  the  battle  field  by the  ( RUF ) Revolutionary  United

Front  led  by  Foday  Sankoh .  That  in  itself  ,  is  heroism  and

patriotism .  Let  us  be  true  to  ourselves ..  How  many  Sierra

Leoneans   today ,  are  prepared  to  risk their  lives for   Sierra  Leone ?

I  bet my  life ,  it  is less  than twenty  percent .


Mr President, Capt.  Valentine Strasser sacrificed his life by serving

in the  army ,  He  introduced  the  cleaning  exercise  in  Freetown  and

other parts  of  the  country.  If he had not taken   over the governmemt

in  1992 , the  country would  have  fallen  into  complete  anarchy ,  because

when  the soldiers came  to  the  State  House  to  report  about  the  poor

conditions of  the fighting  force,  the   then   President  Momoh  flee  the country

and took  refuge  in  Guinea . Moreover, Capt.  Strasser   had not been

found  guilty  of  any crime ,  so  these  are  some  of  the  many  reasons

why the  Govenment should  come  to  his  rescue.


Mr  President ,  it  is  un  Sierra  Leonean  to see  a  former  Head  of  State ,

and  a  former  Military  Officer  perishing  in  another  third  world  country ,

and we  fail  to  come  to  his  rescue. There are times, when citizens

of  a  country  are  judged ,  by  the  way  the  government of  that  country

treats its  citizens   who  had  made  great  contributions  towards  the

development of  that  country .


Mr President,  if  your  government fails to  rescue  Capt.  Valentine  Strasser ,

then  we  are  sending  the  wrong  message  to  our  men  and  women

in  uniform .We  are  telling  them ,  that   we do  not  care  about them ,  whether

they  are  shot or  not ,  and  once  they  leave  the  force they  are  on  their own .

That is  not  good ,   it   would  affect  the morals of  our  men  and  women  in

uniform .So Mr.  President  ,   I  am  appealing  to  you  Sir ,  to  look into

Capt.  Strasser’s  case , and  see  what  type  of  help  could  be  rendered .

That  way ,  we  will  be sending  a  positive   message  to  our  men  and  women

in  uniform ,  that  we  appreciate  their  services  and  heroism . That would also

boost their morals .

Lastly  Mr  President , I  know  you  are a  Christian ,  and  you  have  good

intentions for  the people  of  Sierra  Leone .  We in the Diasporas are

praying for  you ,    that   God  grant  you  the  strength , wisdom  and  courage

to lead  that  nation  on  the  right  path ,  so  that  she  can  take  her  place

amongs the  progressive  nations  of  the  world


Donald   Georgestone