Vice President Sam Sumana, APC politics and ingratitude

By Philip Neville

The name Samuel Sam Sumana is no more new to the politics of Sierra Leone. He gained prominence not too long and not too late and now considered a part of the new make-up of the APC, but his late father left a mark in the old APC party that could not be forgotten by the Konos. Samuel Sam Sumana was born at the time the late Siaka P.Stevens detained his father at the Pademba Road Maximum Prison and was there when he was accompanied home to take a glance at his new born son, who was named after him. Samuel grew up and became a prosperous and successful businessman after graduating from a University in the United States of America. He went through the Bowie State University briefly to accomplish his Business Administration Degree and later returned home to establish business.

His interest in politics was not only by prophetic pronouncement, but could equally be referred to as by popular acclamation and decided to follow the footstep of his late father and restore hope to his people. For some of his tribesmen and colleagues they would have preferred him to remain in business rather than going into politics, a vocation that is not rewarding and full of ingratitude. The young Samuel grew up in the APC and became familiar with different faces of politicians who usually visited his father, both at Murray Town and in Kono. As the son of a Chief, there were lots of expectations that he should have taken up the mantle of Chieftaincy and maintained tradition, but his decision to serve Sierra Leone as a State, which encompasses the borders of his country was not a mistake nor would it be his regret now and in future. In the APC party, Samuel Sam Sumana was nominated in 2007 as the running mate to the flagbearer of the party, Ernest Bai Koroma whom he regarded as his father and elder brother, both in and outside politics. Seeing these figures together with pleasant appearances in public, one could hardly distinguish whether they are from the same biological parents or not. What is gradually becoming a matter of concern to admirers of these two people is the feeling held that the young Samuel is not being protected by his elder brother and those who are conversant with the dynamics of the internal politics of the APC tend to lend credence to this assumption that he was and still not being treated fairly and is left at the mercy of some APC ministers.

Talking to the young Samuel, he would give you a broad smile for an answer and keep the rest down his thoracic cavity, but those around the two seemed to have different views about the internal relationships and how young Samuel is enduring a lot for the sake of big brothership, which he believes is also right, a clear case of traditional belief.

The APC Party and Young Samuel

Since young Samuel was appointed running mate to date, life for him within the APC has been unenviable and incredible. There are those traditionalists who are still of the view that young Samuel should not have been appointed to that position and as a result has very minute or called it “no respect” for him. They believe in the undemocratic value and the doctrine of “single Presidency”, whereby only the President should take decision and implement it without consulting his second-in-command and certain ministers in government consider themselves as the prime minister and special confidante to the President. Matters relating to governance of the state should not be discussed with the Vice President or even consulted for his input; even when this assumption is against the wish of the big brother and President

Between 2007 — 2011, young Samuel has suffered terribly in the hands of those who wanted him out of the APC political family and because they want him out, they have subjected him to a number of embarrassments. News about the cocaine discovery at the Lungi International Airport was shifted on him, because of his relationship with Gibril Kamara (aka GK). Fortunately, after the investigation the name of the Vice President was not mentioned, nor was he even called upon to give evidence in the matter, but when the Wikileads cable came out, names of certain government officials and ministers surfaced.

 The master planners of young Samuel downfall were disappointed and after the cocaine trial came to an end, news about containers at the Quay with scrap metals that contained timbers ready for shipment surfaced. Again, those who hated Young Samuel, Vice President started peddling news around that he was the owner of those containers and was bringing shame and disgrace to the party, therefore he should resign his position and go away, leave the APC party to its full-blooded owners.  Investigation into the scrap metal-timber container sent a disappointing message out again. No finger was pointed at the Vice President nor was there any piece of evidence to incriminate him as the individual behind the deal that landed on the lap of the ACC. When that failed to give them victory, they used the SLPP online newspaper, called “The New People” to publish materials alleging that the Vice President beat up his wife at a public gathering in Aberdeen. All these are aimed at putting the reputation of young Samuel into the dust bin and give justification as to why he should resign or not be re-nominated for the position of runningmate come 2012. Most of the ministers now feel young Samuel is not a full-blooded APC and therefore, should not occupy the enviable seat of Vice President, which they the full-blooded APC are capable of occupying. They have almost succeeded in creating artificial barrier and drawing of a thin line between young Samuel and his elder brother, President Ernest Bai Koroma. They have disregarded the past and ignored the fact as to how the late Chief Samuel Sumana suffered and detained at the Pademba Road Prison where he was taken to see the newly born young Samuel and ordered to return to the same venue after the brief visit.

It is gradually coming out clear that the recent Aljazeera documentary on Sierra Leone that featured Momoh Conte and others is the handy work of some of the APC ministers. It is reported that one of the ministers traveled on the same flight from Dubai with Sorious Samura to Freetown and knew every bit of arrangement that took place to embarrassment young Samuel and  if they had succeeded, it could have substantiated their stance to get young Samuel out immediately prior to November 17,2012 election. Evidence of how the documentary was plotted is now known to a number of journalists and some senior government officials and why Sorious Samura filmed the site of Takor Company.

The ingratitude of APC

Hegel, a political philosopher once said that “…there is no morality in politics” which is clearly evident in the bahaviour of some of the APC ministers. Ingratitude is what they believed in and can demonstrate it at any level without reflecting on the past or having the thought of humanity on their minds. One would not wish to re-visit the history of the APC, because of its unpalatable nature. The APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma should be seen different in many aspects, its style of governance, its approach to national issues and humanity.

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