Information Minister inspects Makeni Clock Tower

By Fadda Bakish

The Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo was joined by a team of stakeholders recently to inspect the Makeni Clock Tower which is expected to reach its completion on 22nd January 2012.

The Stakeholders include a high powered team from Africell Sierra Leone, Ideas Construction Company that is building the Clock Tower, Government Ministers and Journalists from the electronic and print media, who went to inspect and assess the progress of the work on the Makeni Clock Tower that has been described as one of the most beautiful Tower in West Africa.

The funding agency for the Clock Tower, Africell S.L., was represented by the Director of Administration Mr. Abdul Aziz Gabissi and the Corporate Affairs Manager Mr. Joe Abass Bangura; the Government was represented by the Minister of Information and Communications Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, while the contractors were represented by Siray Timbo.

Tracing the history of the Clock Tower, Information Minister I.B. Kargbo said that the construction of the Makeni Clock Tower had its beginnings in a request made by the people of Makeni to also benefit from the ownership of a Clock Tower.

It can be recalled that the northern region is the only region that had not benefited from the ownership of a clock tower, like the Western Area, the Eastern Region and the Southern Region who have their own clock towers.  As a result of this request from the people of Makeni, President Ernest Bai Koroma in his 2007 electioneering campaign, promised the people of the northern region that if he was elected President of Sierra Leone, he would build a clock tower to help the northern region to catch up with the other three regions of Sierra Leone.

Shortly after winning the 2007 general elections, President Ernest Bai Koroma instructed the Minister of Information to start the ball rolling towards the construction of the Makeni Clock Tower.

A construction company known as Ideas Limited was contracted to build the Makeni Clock Tower.

The recent tour of the Makeni Clock Tower under construction was estimated as 90% complete. A tour of the tower took the team to the top from where they could see every part of the Makeni township.

It contains a Night Club, a Minimart, and a Roof Top Conference facility. The Makeni Clock Tower is fully electrified and has dependable water supply to cater for all needs of visitors. It has two large clocks, north and south, at the base of the tower. At the base of the Clock Tower are a number of benches to enhance relaxation for visitors’ sitting comfort. 

On the west side towards Mabanta Road, a beautiful water fountain is being developed that will purify the air around the Clock Tower as well as tickle the eyes of tourists by its rainbow colours emanating from the contact of shooting waters and sunlight.

Even at this early stage, the Clock Tower is attracting Local Tourists who stand under the burning sun for hours admiring the best Clock Tower in West Africa. Its shinning white marble tiles beautified by day light and dew light is a breath taking spectacle for first time visitors to Makeni.

Asked why the Makeni Clock Tower  is the most beautiful among the four Clock Towers of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo said “the world is changing, making the latest more beautiful than the earliest, demonstrating a gentle revolution that is making the world of today more beautiful than the world of yesterday.

He promised that when the clock tower is completed it would be handed over to the people to be used as they see fit. He did not exclude the possibility of money making as he accentuated the attraction of tourists in to Sierra Leone.

 Mr. I.B. Kargbo thanked President Ernest Koroma for the great idea and Africell for providing the funds as well as Ideas Limited for doing the construction works in such a grand style and speed.

He assured that President Ernest Koroma is open to assisting the development projects all over Sierra Leone and that even Kenema which already has a clock tower is benefiting from government assistance to complete the City Hall and in Bo and Freetown, massive road construction projects are taking place to help rebrand Sierra Leone as well as enhance easy movement of goods of the people to accelerate development all over the country.

IB. Kargbo in response to a question about the commissioning of the Makeni Clock Tower suggested that such commissioning is very likely to take place January 21st 2012.

Finally, Mr. I.B. Kargbo expressed satisfaction with the quality of work done and wished the contractors every success as they struggle to meet the deadline of January 22nd 2012.

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