Fraud in Gold, Diamond and other precious minerals against foreign buyers by 419ers cannot be accomplished without the input of officials of the Government Gold and Diamond Office, popularly known as GGDO. Most buyers of these products coming to Sierra Leone are pointing accusing fingers at GGDO officials of deception, collaboration, aiding and abetting and in most cases facilitating the work of the 419ers in their quest to fleece them of their money.

This office is supposed to act in the interest of the state, by extension put an embargo on fraudsters, but over the years to date it is at the centre of fraudulent activities perpetuated by some Sierra Leoneans.

Princes Sesay, Alex Tamba (Harray A.Gbetuwa) and Elizabeth would not have succeeded without the collaboration of some GGDO officials, like Ibrahim who materialized at 45, Wilkinson Road, believed to be the Residence of Princess Sesay and claimed to be an employee of the Gold and Diamond Office who was sent to test the Gold that turned out to be Brass. He was accommodated into the house, while Karel Sochor and his colleagues look on as Ibrahim tested the product and declared  it 100% pure and put into two parcels, which should have been taken to the Gold and Diamond Office for shipment. That did not happen, when Alex Tamba(Harry A.Gbetuwa) informed the buyers that shipment was going to be done on his license, therefore they need not proceed to the Gold and Diamond Office. This information was accepted, by Karel and his colleagues when Ibrahim confirmed to them that he has come with stamps and stickers and there was no need going to his office “Everything would be done perfectly here” He told them, which they swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Tax for the two parcels of Gold was assessed by Alex Tamba (Harry A.Gbetuwa) at US$15,900, which Princess and her team convinced them that it should be paid to Government by them who are Sierra Leoneans and they in turn would pay to Government “If you go there to pay as foreigners the tax would be high, so leave that with us to do the running and making of payment” They pamper them to believe it was so.

The Lungi International Airport is the last place where the parties bade farewell, but prior to their departure they were taken to a secluded place and their passports collected from them by two unknown individuals for processing, which was done and handed over to them by an individual who called himself Mr. Mansaray.  Princess Sesay accompanied them to the Airport, sat with them until it was time for their flight, Air Moroc to take off the ground. A lady by the name of Mrs. Koroma (telephone number 076-7222975) brought some documents to them to fill out and sign, which they did and handed over to her. No checking was carried out on their hand luggage, which contained the two parcels of Gold (Brass). This VIP treatment convinced them to believe what Princess Sesay had previously told them that she is from the Royal Family in Sierra Leone and related to the President.

In Paris-France, they transited to another flight, which took them to Prague and on their arrival they opened their bags after being greeted by their families only to discover that the two parcels of gold they  bought from their Sierra Leonean partners had turned to Brass. Enraged, frustrated and in a state of flux they picked up their phone and called Alex Tamba(Harry A.Gbetuwa), Princess Sesay and were told “if you venture to come back to Sierra Leone we shall use our connections and send you to jail”

Since their return in November 2011, Karel Sochor, Radim Hrachovec, and Tomas Pilc have found themselves in a strange world, losing a total of US$ 57,000(Fifty Seven Thousand Dollars)

Most people hearing news about investors being duped in Gold and Diamond purchase have treated the news with the back of the hand. To some Sierra Leoneans these so-called investors deserve every bit of treatment meted out on them, describing them as crooks who want to circumvent the process and because of that they are paying dearly for it. “If they are genuine they should contact the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources and also the Ministry of Trade and other line ministries, but because they are not genuine they always try to cut the process short and cutting it short has always landed them in regret.” An employee of the GGDO opined, and explained that those who are honest and sincere in doing business in Sierra Leone are not victims of 419ers.

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