Grade One Clerk Reveals “Serious financial fraud”

Exposing corruption in high places is a big risk and not patriotism. This is the interpretation by many well meaning Sierra Leoneans working in Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s), who have been whistle blowers over the years.

Ms. Kadjah Dumbuya, a Grade One Clerk at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Services, thought that she was performing a national service by transforming herself into a whistle blower for sanity and a corruption- free environment to be the envy in her place of work. She never knew that she was putting her life on the firing line and becoming enemy number one.

Harassment, rejection, snobbish attitude from her superiors and colleagues, finger pointing and calling her different and provocative names have all contributed to thwart her desire and ambition of contributing to national development and now she has called it quit. “I discovered serious financial fraud in the records of the College, which in my innocence and sincere approach; I felt it was worth bringing to the notice and attention of the College Administration. I did this with a clear conscience and without any intention of witch-hunting anyone…” She stated in her letter of resignation to the College Administration

“Unfortunately that was not the case; in fact it was the beginning of my litany of woes. It all started with the re-instatement of Mr. E.J.Momoh who was implicated in the theft and who had earlier been suspended” Ms. Dumbuya narrates.

Despite the raw treatment meted out on her, she however left no stone unturned in exposing both financial and administrative fraud perpetuated by senior officials of COMAHS, which have greatly rendered the institution stunted growth and be named a Corruption Den, where money replaces qualification and competence.

“ I have finally come to the realization that the harassment and suppression under which I have been subjected to after the revelation of the Le50,000,000 (Fifty Million Leones) saga was not only an act of vengeance, but a calculated attempted supported by the current Head of Campus to get me out of COMAHS finally. Why? Because of my Anti Corruption position, which I believed in and which no one can take away from me. Dr. M’Baimba Baryoh must be uneasy about me because he knows I will surely expose his questionable practices, for example, the weekly supply of fuel approved for the Head of Campus is 45 litres. When he assumed office, he increased it to 110 litres-far above what even Ministers of Government receive per week or perhaps even what the President of this nation receives. In fact, I have reliable information that part of that fuel is used to run the generator in his Private Clinic. I honestly believe that Dr. Baryoh must be asked to justify the use of 110 litres of fuel weekly for his private vehicle and an additional 66 litres of fuel for his official vehicle every week bringing the total to 176 litres per week” She reveals.

When this medium called on Dr. M’Baimba Baryoh to comment on the allegation leveled against him by an insider who has tendered her letter of resignation for various reasons, ranging from corruption to harassment of her life, the Medical Doctor responded by saying that he was not going to comment because the University has issued out a Press Release on the subject and also there is an ongoing investigation on the matter.

Several colleagues of the Medical Doctor hearing his defence to respond to allegations that bother on his credibility are asking, why is he hiding behind a Press Release to comment on serious allegations coming from within?. The Press Release dated 8th December, 2011 signed by the Registrar Mr. E.T.Ngandi has stated among other things that… Media Houses should refrain from addressing such issues or making them a subject of broadcast, in order not to prejudice the findings of the Committee. The release interpreted by some Members of the Academic Staff Association (ASA), authored by the Registrar is telling Media Houses to keep their distance on the issue, claiming that it would prejudice the findings of the Committee. “Mr. E.T.Ngandi has failed to recognize the indispensable role of the media and telling journalists indirectly that what goes on at the University is not their business” A senior lecturer observed.

It would be recalled that a Committee comprising Mrs. Bernadette Cole as Chairperson, Mr. Advril Renner (Finance Officer), Member, Mr. Sorie N.Dumbuya– Member and Mr. Edward T.Ngandi-Member was set up by Professor Redwood Sawyer to look into the Fake Nursing Transcript allegedly issued out to Anna Jenneh Demby for US$500/00(Five Hundred Dollars) by Mr. Sahr James, acting Principal by then of the National School of Nursing. The Committee reports state has been dragging its feet to conclude the investigation and submit its findings to Professor Redwood Sawyer, for reasons which some Members of Staff are claiming to be obvious.

Ms. Kadjah Dumbuya in concluding her letter of resignation has this to say about Dr. M’Baimba Baryoh “Whilst I can declare everywhere in the world without hesitation that Dr. Baryoh is a very good Doctor, I cannot do the same for him as an Administrator” It is however not known what Dr. Baryoh would say about his subordinate since he has refused to comment.

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