Only the APC leadership and its bootlickers would believe that in present circumstance the party would win free and fair elections in Sierra Leone. In the past they have relied on violence and in 2007, on the collusion between Christiana Thorpe and her regime change patrons of the then international community. The above statement is truer today because of the dismal record of the regime which has concentrated on wide spread construction almost at the detriment of the living standards of ordinary Sierra Leoneans. But does the APC really need to be reminded about this? When Christiana Thorpe robbed us of the 2007 election results, we told anyone who care to listen of the facts, but would they? The former United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone Dr. Thomas Neal told a University congregation in the United States that the SLPP had blamed everyone but themselves for losing the election. Over the last four years Christiana Thorpe had found herself in situations where she all but admitted that her action was not backed by legal authority and she has been trying to legalize the procedure for a future occasion. Readers would recall that Sylvia Blyden, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and I had spent several weeks calling attention to the inaccuracy of Thorpe’s final figures for the Presidential run-off as a result of which NEC very hurriedly removed all the falsified figures from their website. In addition, by cancelling the ballot results in 477 polling stations, mostly in SLPP strongholds, the woman had robbed us of 167,000 potential votes. Although the event itself may now be history with barely ten months to the next polls, we are pursuing it in order to make sure that never again would such blatant cheating be repeated in our electoral process. We are still waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling! In the light of the above, what is the APC ranting about with regard to the Fourah Bay result? What is their real problem, that their pride had been hurt and that they had been humiliated by a party which they had in their arrogance written off as dead? Considering the high profile, “Alagbas” who were touring the ward and the constituency on that Saturday what is their complaint? Why is Victor Foh’s press release silent on the unlawful and persistent attempt by Lansana Fadika to force his way into a polling station? To extol the virtues of President Ernest Bai Koroma in abhorring violence, why hasn’t his party urged him to take action on the Shear-Moses commission report which he has refused to release so far? If his Excellency as head of state for ALL SIERRA LEONEANS had implemented the recommendations of that commission, would Musa Tarawali have dared to lead a truck load of OSD to the constituency on Saturday? In which other country, including totalitarian states, has any minister been involved in the process of arresting even hardcore criminals? I see it all as H E’s practice of treating the opposition SLPP with contempt and disdain. The SLPP has snatched the ward from the ruling APC with all the power and machinery of incumbency. As the Mende would have enthused in a goboi dance, “GOMBO KOLE MU KOMBUA TEYA!” (We have snatched it from their hands.)

Now what next for the Torkpoi party with Maada Bio and Kadi Sesay, JOB, IJ, Banja-Tejansie and the rest of the team in the front line? The celebrations with their understandable exuberance must now end. Serious attention must ONCE more be focused on exposing the weaknesses of these people who should never have been handed power in the first place and carefully explaining the awful situation to our people as if we need to explain anything. The last thing we want to do is to sit on our oars. I wrote in 2007 that in the words of General Charles de Gaul of France, we had lost a battle, but not the war. In the same light, I must admonish all that we have only won a battle, yes, a strategic one at that, but that the war is yet to be fought in earnest. We cannot achieve victory unless we are firmly united behind our leaders. And the time for that is NOW. We must have everyone on board; there should be no room for “THEM VERSUS US.” It is WE and US (Published Verbatim)

A response from the Executive Editor

Sometime, one would want to dismiss the ranting of a sick man, a sick man who is a curse to his people, a sick man who has spent all his life flying on the wings of other people. A sick man who takes delight in gossip, a sick man whose historical past is an abomination, a sick man who had a son with his biological sister and has failed to repent, a sick man who misused power and politics to terrorize his people and a sick man  whose ambition is to always promote instability where stability is being enjoyed and appreciated.

The name Dr. Sama Sama Banya is always associated with thuggery, gossip, human rights abuse, a disrespecter to women and short-sightedness to reality. Deliberately, this columnist has published the above piece to jog the memory of its author to a number of issues raise in the article, which he contributed to in the life and existence of Sierra Leone. Shamelessly, Dr. Sama Sama Banya is reminding voters of his expertise when he was a Member, Minister and Vice President of Sierra Leone under the All People’s Congress party. He was very prominent in the act of destroying his own people and using state resources to carry out this devilish political plan. Those who suffered in the hands of this sick man would never forgive him, for he made happy minds to be sad and happy families to live in poverty. Unfortunately and shamelessly this is the very individual criticizing the APC for its past unremarkable political history when he was a key shareholder of the miseries wrecked on innocent people by the party.

The indigenes of Kailahun, especially the Ngobehs, Lenghors, Kaikais and other family members that Dr. Sama Sama Banya caused their untimely deaths and sufferings have since placed a curse on his head and would go through it before he departs this earth. Gradually, he has started experiencing the reward of violence he perpetuated on his people when he was up there, forgetting that someday some time in his life time he would be down and crippled. He promoted disunity among his people and benefitted from it and introduced divide and rule. No wonder, till date Kailahun is divided and Dr. Sama Sama Banya is responsible.

Commenting on the 2007 elections, Dr. Sama Sama Banya in his feeble imagination has described it as fraudulent and in his summation; he said victory was handed over to the APC, when it should have been the SLPP. Dr. Sama Sama Banya  jumped into the SLPP wagon in full gear when Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah became President of Sierra Leone. One is able to discover his dishonesty and cut it into pieces. If Dr. Sama Sama Banya feels that he is morally right to describe the 2007 Presidential Election as fraudulent, one would have expected him to be morally right also to describe the 1996 Presidential and Parliamentary Election as fraudulent and to conclude by saying that political victory was handed over to the SLPP Tejan Kabbah by Dr. James Jonah, when it should have been the late Karefa Smart. Dr. James Jonah is the Electoral Commissioner who was compensated with several ministerial positions after the 1996 election and not Christiana Thorpe, a complete violation of the 1991 Constitution, but as a dishonest old man he has always refused to reference that in his publications.

The 1996 Presidential Election was won by the late Karefa Smart, but several factors, including but not limited to dishonesty, impartiality on the part of Dr. Jonah, international diplomacy and hypocrisy coupled with tribalism prevented him from enjoying the position until his death. First let’s examine whether it was politically right for Dr. James Jonah to conduct an election outside the traditional and Constitutional mandate without holding a referendum, calling it Proportional Representation (PR). Where in the 1991 Constitution that makes provision for this kind of election, that is totally akin to the electorate to be held in this country? Why was there no referendum held prior to the election to allow the voices and input of the electorate to be recognized? Candidly, the SLPP with its assumption of superiority has always treated the people of this nation as irrelevant and stupid.

History has revealed to us that the SLPP has never since its existence won an election genuinely. The 1996 election buttresses the political character of the SLPP as a party that losses election and would later cry foul. Dr. James Jonah with support from the media that was blind blessed his illegal and politically incorrect method.  He deducted about 70,000(Seventy Thousand Votes) from the massive fraudulent votes from the same Kailahun District of the total votes of ex-President Kabbah. This was done to satisfy the ignorant minds that he was doing the right thing when it was crystal clear that the entire exercise was illegal and un-procedural, but because the media and the international community wanted peace and Ahmad Tejan Kabbah to be the President, the illegality of Dr. James Jonah was declared legal and the SLPP rejoiced. It would be recalled that Dr.Abass Bundu raise the issue with Maada Bio and even advised him not to hand over power at the time, but because Maada Bio was promised the hot seat after Tejan Kabbah as if Sierra Leone belongs to the SLPP and the authority to rule also belongs to them, he accepted the results reluctantly. We are all eye witnesses, including Dr. Sama Sama Banya himself who was deeply involved in the negotiation with the kaki boys. What happened in 1996 is a case study of the true character of the SLPP, and how it can manipulate Electoral Commissioners to speak the language they want, forgetting that not all Electoral Commissioners are the same. There are some that can bend and others cannot bend or be twisted.

In 2002, similar situation reared its head, when the late Senior Police Officer, Mr. Walter Nichol announced that Ahmad Tejan Kabbah has won with over 70%. The result was described by the SLPP as “Wuteteh’, a strange event in the political history of this country for a contestant to win 100% clear. The result provoked wide debates and protests among political parties and their representatives which led to an out of state meeting in Nigeria involving key political figures including Ernest Bai Koroma who was highly suspected by majority of Sierra Leoneans as the winner of that election. Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was present at the meeting with a handful of SLPP stalwarts when Obasango and other heavy weight political figures in the sub-region prevailed on Ernest Bai Koroma and the other key local politicians present at the meeting to accept the results in the interest of peace. Prior to the meeting in Nigeria, a meeting was called by the then American Ambassador, British High Commissioner, Nigerian High Commissioner and other international dignitaries residing in the country. The meeting was held at the British High Commission, where they appealed to the APC and other party Candidates to accept the result for the sake of peace. The word “peace” had always formed the crux of the many pleas to the politicians. What prompted the meeting was when the international dignitaries received an intelligence report from one of the Candidates that they were not going to accept the result as they considered it flawed and fraudulent and that they were at a meeting at the residence of the Minority Leader and Presidential Candidate in Goderich preparing to stage a nationwide protest. By then General Maxell Khobe was not dead and treated inhumanely by the SLPP Government and Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. He was able to maneuver and led the delegation to Nigeria where they resolved that in the interest of the people and peace they would accept the result. It was after the Nigeria peace talks that the inauguration of Tejan Kabbah was done. Why? Will the sick man explain? Dr. Sama Sama Banya is aware of all these, but because of dishonesty and his pessimistic behavior he has refused to accept the golden truth (I pause for his response)

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