Investors still weeping for Salone Goldin Prague

He has several surnames, but his first name has not changed. If he is not called Alex Tamba, he would call himself Harry A. Gbetuwa, but his email address and communications bear the name Alex Fomba and his portrait remains the same, which he cannot hide. Communications between Alex Fomba and Karel Sochor, trying to lure the latter to come to Sierra Leone and buy him a laptop computer cannot be changed from emails sent to his unsuspecting investors.

In this edition are picture of the consignment of gold that turned to brass published. It was discovered after Karel and his business partners arrived in Prague, which sent them in a state of shamble to this day. Alex, since the story became public has been hibernating from one place to another, while the matter since it was reported to the police has been placed in a cold file.(Read emails published verbatim) Dear Sir, I am forwarding you last E-mail from Alex where he confirmed that he cheated us for Government taxes 15 900 USD and Princess for the balance 30 000 USD. Thanks. Karel Sochor — On Fri, 11/25/11, fomba alex wrote: From: fomba alex Subject: no problem To: “karel sochor” Date: Friday, November 25, 2011, 12:58 AM DEAR CHARLIE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR HELPING ME OUT,I PROMISE I WILL NOT FAIL YOU,I WILL DO MY BEST TO WORK STRAIGHT WITH LUBOS. I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH YOU WHEN YOU GAVE PRINCESS 7% SHARES AND GAVE ME 1% SHARE EVEN THOUGH PRINCESS WAS AT HOME DOING NOTHING,I WAS WITH YOU WORKING HARD AND YOU DID NOT TREAT ME FAIRLY MY FRIEND, THAT IS WHY WHEN PRINCESS DECIDED TO TAKE YOUR MONEY I DID NOTHING.ANYWAY NOW THAT WE ARE DOING A NEW ARRANGEMENT I HOPE YOU WILL NOT FORGET TO KEEP YOUR WORD. THE VILLAGE PRICE IS $36,000 PER KILO.TELL LUBOS THAT THIS IS THE PRICE I WILL SELL TO HIM AND I WILL TAKE HIM TO THE VILLAGE TO BUY DIRECT BY HIMSELF.I WILL SEND YOU THE 1KG BUT REMEMBER I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR TAXES MONEY $15, 900,00 FOR WHICH YOU WILL SUBTRACT TAXES MONEY AND YOU WILL SEND MY BALANCE MONEY OF $20,100,00 WHEN YOU COME BACK. ALSO DONT FORGET TO SEND ME MY POCKET COMPUTER.DELL AXIM X51, OR ANY MODEL YOU MAY SEE. ________________________________________ Von: karel sochor An: fomba alex Cc: Gesendet: 6:15 Donnerstag, 24.November 2011 Betreff: Re: visa Hi Alex, As we arranged together and I informed you that Lubos is comming to you on Monday. Please arrange for him airport visa today because he has to show it for buying of airticket. He will come by Brussels Airlines what is better for him and you also. Alex take care about him well because his trip is very important to feel that you now understand that we would like to do serious business there with you and your ancle what we discussed. I told him that he will bring for me 1 kg of gold with export papers and he will take it on the board in small suitcase and you will help him during custom processing on the airport. You wanted to send by UPC but it is too expensive and this way is the best. When Lubos will come back I will go to Radim and Tomas, give them 1 kg of gold and they will change mind on you and also to me because I lost my respect and reputation because of this forgery transaction. After that I will come myself again and start new real business and arrange together what we will do with Princess and her all familly. Lubos whants to buy 1 kg for himself and he will pay for it. Try to arrange good bush price for this 1 kg because of to proof him also that what happened with us was main reason from Princess side and you did what she wanted. Arrange for him this everything according normall processing at the ministry including payment of Government taxes. He will take this 1 kg also to the board. When Lubos will come back and everything will be OK during 10 days I will come to you and we will meet together your ancle and also will buy for Radim and Tomas some gold maybe diamonds. Please arrange now for Lubos this visa and wait him on the airport on Monday. He will send you coppy of airticket. Thanks a ┼»ot and best regards. Charlie — On Wed, 11/2/11, fomba alex wrote: From: fomba alex Subject: Re: contact from Lubos Vacha To: “karel sochor” Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 3:26 PM DEAR MR CHARLIE, I AM VERY HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU.MY NUMBER IS +23233848028. I HOPE YOU WILL CALL ME ASAP.DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR HOTEL IT WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF.I RECOMEND YOU COME WITH YOUR TESTING TOOLS.AND IF IT IS NOT TOO MUCH TROUBLE I WILL APPRECIATE IF YOU CAN BUY ME A DELL AXIM X50 POCKET PC. OR ANY BRAND OF POCKET PC YOU MAY BE ABLE TO GET FOR ME,I WILL REPAY YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU BRING IT.PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT ANYTIME IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS OR CONCERN. BEST REGARDS. ALEX. Von: karel sochor An: Cc: Gesendet: 17:30 Dienstag, 1.November 2011 Betreff: contact from Lubos Vacha Dear Alex, How are you? My name is Karel Sochor and I am from Czech Republic – Lubos friend. I know Princess very well for few years. I am comming to Freetown this Sunday and would like to help you be sure with export of gold from Princess. Lubos told me that you are nice man and I would like to cooperate with you as Lubos because we are working together. Please send me your phone number and recommendation of good hotel to stay in Freetown. Thanks a lot. Charlie

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