SLPP Strangles Gbow’s family in Kenema

SLPP Headquarters…the subject of rent dispute

He was a Grand Chief Patron of the party and some time back, he donated the sum of Le200.000 (Two Hundred Thousand Leones) at a well attended meeting held at the Bank of Sierra Leone’s Complex. The late Justice F.C Gbow was a staunch member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party who rented out his family property to the party to be used as the official premise, where meetings and assemblies of party members are taking place in the heart of the Eastern Region of the country.
Sadly, his humanitarian and partisan gesture left him in a state of mental torture and frustration until his death, which has now been extended to the entire Gbow Family in the Kenema District.

The late Justice F.C.Gbow had suffered humiliation and degradation in the hands of some of his party members and those at the top, whom he had expected; would have facilitated the payment of rents due him and members of his family. From one legal practitioner to another, the late Justice Gbow contracted their services to recover money due him as rent from the SLPP for the use of 18th Hanga Road by the party, property of the Gbow Family; unfortunately efforts have not only been frustrating, but each time he is treated less significantly. “The Defendant refused to pay me for the three years which they had fraudulently added to the two years” He wrote, and went on “At the end of the two years in 2008, I made several visits to the Party Headquarters for the remaining three years, which had already commenced. They blatantly refused to pay. I therefore instructed my Solicitors to write to them and formally point out to them the breach of the covenant to pay rent. My Solicitors received no reply to this letter. I had to give further instructions to him to issue out a writ against them for forfeiture of the tenancy” He narrated.
Several of these letters were dispatched to various leaders of the SLPP, to the then Chairman, Alhaji U.N.S.Jah, Solomon Berewa the 2007 Leader and Presidential Candidate of the Party, John Oponjo Benjamin, current Chairman and other members, but light at the end of the tunnel was dim and disappointing and was left with no alternative, but to institute legal proceedings against the SLPP, using the services of Lawyer Shears Moses and later Fio Edwards.
The rebuff and treatment of contempt meted out on the late Justice F.C.Gbow was shocking and surprising, thus putting the family in perplex and discomfort as to why a political party that claims to be a respecter of human rights could deprive him of his right and that of his family to benefit from their property. The manner of treatment culminated into a mental torture as he made fruitless telephone calls to both Eastern Region and National Executive Members, but all resulted to a regret for allowing the oldest political party to use his family property for official purpose in fulfillment of the National Electoral Commission(NEC) and Political Parties Registration Commission(PPRC) mandate, which states that each and every political parties should have offices in each of the regions.
The tenancy and landlord battle between the late Justice F.C.Gbow, his family and the SLPP for the payment of rent has continued to date, even after his death. Following his death on 14th May, 2011, Mr. Musa Gbow the next-of-kin and son of the deceased, late Alhaji Vandi Gbow who was officially appointed by 39 members of the Gbow family is going through similar frustrations and disappointments with the SLPP for the payment of arrears of rent and current rent. “I have contacted a lawyer who has already issued them a writ of summons to pay us the money and quit our property” Musa explained to standard times. They have done nothing for the Gbow Family and even when the late Justice F.C.Gbow passed away, none of them attended his funeral” He recalled.
Documentary evidence indicates that payment was received from Lawyer Brewah, which was receipted by the late Justice F.C.Gbow, with outstanding still remains unpaid. The payment according to documentary evidence was for two years “The tenancy period stated in the lease was for two years. The rent was US$2000.00(Two Thousand Dollars) per annum. After signing the lease the 2nd Defendant handed me one year’s rent and told me to go to their office later for the other year’s rent…A week after, I went to the Defendant’s office to collect the balance of the rent…This was paid and I issued a receipt” The late Justice F.M.Gbow wrote to the current Chairman of the Party, John Oponjo Benjamin. The lease period agreed by the two parties was for two years, which the SLPP changed to five, according to documents. Speaking to Hon. Foyah on the phone, he claimed that the SLPP has no problem with the payment of rent to the Gbow Family ‘We have been paying money into the account” He claimed, but refused to tell which of the accounts they have been paying in money.
In response to Hon. Foyah’s claim, Musa Gbow became furious and said “Let him come and say that in front of me, he would regret telling such lies” He said annoyingly
Standard times learnt that money accrued from rents should be used to pay school fees of Children belonging to the Gbow Family, which has since been very difficult to accomplish by the family of late for the Children and Students in Colleges (See next edition)

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