The Mohamed Jabbie Madness in Sierra Leone “DON’T BITE THE FINGER THAT FEEDS YOU”

Joseph simbo, IN UK says “Ungratefulness is a ‘SIN”, effects of which will be felt long after the events”.

You Can't Bring A Good Man Down... Kanja Sesay (Left) with Dr Abass Bundu

You Can't Bring A Good Man Down... Kanja Sesay (Left) with Dr Abass Bundu

The Mohamed Jabbie madness in Sierra Leone about relationship between himself and Kanja Sesay, a near philanthropist and benevolent patriot has stunned readers online, everywhere I have been in the United Kingdom. Among Africans, especially Sierra Leonean nationals, it’s gasping with disbelief all the way, about Mohamed Jabbie’s outrage against Alhaji Kanja Sesay who always held him like a brother and lavished on him over several years.


I know Mr. Jabbie personally and sometimes wondered when in Freetown and visited Kanja Sesay, on a few occasions at The Bo Township Reservation Property. Whether that man was as honest and trustworthy as Kanja took him to be. The extrovert, I found Jabbie to be always, somehow led me to take the view that someday not far then to Jabbie will reel back at Kanja as he did quite often to some of Kanja’s guests who for want of harmony in the house did not raise the dust on the young man’s conduct.


Could it really be believed that the Kanja Sesay everyone knows, will stoop down so low as to grab a less than three million worth of school materials, from anywhere let alone NaCSA? Thanks to that educationist who disproved both suspicion and culpability in the whole episode has it as gradually unfolded.


The one surprise now been expressed around in the UK especially in London, is the fact that there appear to have been no real concern by the police about the ownership of the property found on Kanja’s Reservation Property even when it is stated in newspaper articles and online, that Mr. Jabbie lived in the property all alone and had complete dominion over the entire household. Could anyone have dared penetrate Jabbie’s defences without his acquiescence?


Have the police probed the matter thoroughly before beginning to apportion blame or is it simply a matter of “that’s” we’ve have a big fish on the hook”. This time round, the police themselves may well be probed, to determine their efficient in handling sensitive but ‘cogent’ matters that ought to be so handled, that it will send out the necessary message to would-be predators of the Jabbie kind in this Sierra Leone Society.


Let us now look at the slant, the angle of publicity taken by one daily tabloid in Sierra Leone-The Awareness Times Newspaper. Reading through the columns, edition after editions, one is bound to feel compelled to question the veracity of its out pouring. Whether some of the allegations are not self created to make a point or achieve an end, would remain in the public domain for further evaluation.


Looking back at the luxury and false life Jabbie was made to live, it was bound to frustrate him when requested to vacate the property he may well have treated as his own, where he lived a life of high and mighty.

For one like Dr. Sylvia Blyden it is surprising she could land herself to publicizing unsubstantiated allegations which may have the effect of reducing her estimation in the eyes of right thinking people at home and abroad and worldwide wherever she had been known. One should be careful when one addresses oneself, to issue especially involving another person who apart from being an extrovert, shows tendencies of serious mental aberration.


I have wondered over the last few weeks since the whole matter of Jabbie and Kanja Sesay was sighted online, how other readers would view attempts to tarnish the image and reputation of a man like Kanja Sesay whose handworks, throughout Sierra Leone can be seem, felt and touched for real, and not imagined. The man handled hundreds of millions of World Bank and Donor Investment Funds without any blemish and now to be besmirched by one who to all intents and purposes was just what he is and can be, not only a “a Joker” but a frenzied fool.


In this matter the Police must be careful to wash their hands clean and not allow themselves to be driven down the corridor of distrust, on suspicious of complicity. We are proud of our police force and speak highly of them out here in the UK as a “Force for Good”. We hope that image can be maintained.

In the current matter, especially that of the school materials and loss of other items at Kanja Sesay’s property in Bo while Mohamed Jabbie was the sole occupier, there must be no let; these issues must be thoroughly investigated.


We get quite embarrassed overseas when we read such dismal stories online.

Can Mohamed Jabbie really be serious with all the allegations he has carved out? Let me again remain him that “ungratefulness is a sin”, effects of which will be felt long after the events; and remember not to bite the fingers that once fed you.Verbum sap sapient. A word to the wise is sufficient.

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