SHAMEFUL!: Gbow drags SLPP to Court for Rent in Sierra Leone

Being insensitive to their situation, the next of kin of the Gbow Family in Kenema, Mr. Musa Gbow has dragged the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) to court, not only for the payment of rent for 18Hanga Road, the premise that is currently being used by the party for official business, but also to get them evicted out. Musa Gbow who appears very determined said that he was going to use every possible legal channel for the SLPP to be evicted and also pay every penny,(both past and current) that belongs to the Gbow Family so that their children fees can be paid. “We have rehabilitated three of the houses destroyed by rebels from our hard earned money, without them coming to our aid, and would want to rehabilitate 18 Hanga road, which they have left in a deplorable condition and refused to honour their rent obligation to the family” Musa emphasized.


Musa Gbow’s action is not anything new or surprising to the SLPP as a party. Documentary evidence has showed that the late Justice F.C.Gbow who was in charge of the house took several administrative steps against the party after receiving no positive and responsible response from them, including legal action, which unfortunately they showed no respect for until his death.

Hon. Foyah’s pretence of not knowing Musa Gbow as the next of kin, in charge of over-seeing and supervising the activities of the Gbow Family has exposed him of not telling the truth. In an interview with another member of the family, he disclosed that all executive members including the Flag Bearer Julius Maada Bio and some supporters of the party are aware of the party’s indebtedness to the Gbow Family and some are pretending the same way Hon. Foyah is behaving as if everything is going on smoothly when that is not the case “We have been paying money into the account” Hon. Foyah claimed, but did not state which account money has being paid into. This allegation has been dismissed in its entirety as shameless and unfounded “A member of the oldest political party telling lies about payment of rent?” Musa asked.

Mr. Musa Gbow has just started to experience a sad and marathon journey with the SLPP. Justice F.C.Gbow made several attempts, writing letters and making telephone calls that rebounded on him and had to resort to legal option. He was prevailed upon by some SLPP bigwigs that the rent matter would soon be laid to rest, which did not materialize during his life time on earth and now that the next of kin of the family has commenced this same journey, the outcome is yet to be seen.

Lawyer Bangurah’s writ of summons issued at the tail end of last year giving them a total of 15 days to response in defence and appearance did not move any member of the party forward. According to one of them “We have been used to it” but being used to embarrassment as the oldest political party is not good for its image, especially as elections draw closer. (See documents)

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