Under-Cover Probe: On SLPP Aspirants Debate, Maada Bio Lied On TV

The SLPP Flag bearer debate organized by the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation(SLBC), moderated by Joseph Egbenda Kapuwa, which preceded the leadership contest has left most of the Candidates exposed than expected. The subject matter of the debate was to explain to the people of this nation the national programmes and more of each of the Candidate, and the SLBC TV provided a forum for that; where each and every one of them was able to utilize the forum to the best of their ability. Messages transmitted from this medium to viewers and listeners played a significant role in the political aspiration of the Candidates.

Some were able to woo voters, others not, but what became an issue of public oncern was the interview with Julius Maada Bio when asked about his business transaction in Ghana. He denied knowledge of doing business in Ghana during the rule of President Jerry Rawlings. To the many supporters of Julius Maada Bio and himself it was a figment of imagination and baseless information, which was being circulated by his opponents to discredit him. In the interview, the current Presidential Candidate was emphatic in his defence and even went further to state that he has never been to Ghana as claimed by, according to him his detractors.

So far Julius Maada Bio is concern, after that interview the issue of his business venture has been laid to rest as it was an allegation not proven correct.

But for nosy and investigative journalists, the matter was not laid to rest. It heightens their quests to find out the truth and present it to the Sierra Leonean public. If it is true that he was not involved in any business venture that paralyzed his financial base as a result of a probe launched by the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of John Kuffor, it would be reported to back up his earlier defence in the interview, but if on the other hand Julius Maada Bio lied; it will also be published to inform the public about his dishonesty.

In November 2011, Journalists from the Standard Times Newspaper conducted an under-cover investigation in Ghana with the help of Kwaku Antwi Boasiako, a Ghanaian Journalist to unravel the truth, after receiving tips that the SLPP Presidential Candidate refused to speak the truth about his business dealings in Ghana that resulted into a colossal loss of money when the Ghana Tax Office discovered that Julius Maada Bio and his business partners were invading the payment of taxes for vehicles imported to and sold in Ghana.

Kodjo Bekoe, commonly known as “JB” a popular businessman connected with every government in Ghana was one of Bio’s pillar, whom he relied upon in the vehicle business, but Kodjo Bekoe was not impressed with the conduct of the business, especially when the late Mr. Sayenu Sesay became part of the partnership”Mr. Sesay was not keeping his mouth shut and would tell anyone he meets about their business” He recalled, and went on “In Ghana you have to keep your business to yourself and not make it a public affair especially how the whole affair was being conducted” JB explained.

Achimoto Highway was one of the venues where sales was conducted, forgetting that they owed tax obligation to the Ghana Government which should be declared regularly and computed by the Tax Office to ascertain that payment is honoured by every Company and individual doing business in Ghana.

During the Jerry Rawlings National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party rule, Julius Maada Bio failed to appreciate the fact that in a Democratic State, such as Ghana and other countries no party rules forever and because of his hindsight, obligations that are required were neglected until the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of John Kuffor took over the reins of government.

In their company, was Ray Kwaku, a Ghanaian and Basil a Libyan and also a popularly Sierra Leonean-Ghanaian business woman (name withheld for now), who suggested extending the venture into a Supermarket business. Till date, that woman is Bio’s key political supporter providing him with money and vehicles for political meetings in Sierra Leone, hoping that he wins the presidency for the business that flopped in Ghana to be resurrected.(Read more, next edition)

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  1. Dumbs

    February 27, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    It never occured to Bio that the truth will reveal itself one day.A tax evader vieing for the higher offfice of “mama salone”.I wonder what will become of our economy if he is mistakenly mandated.

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