The national interest is what matters most

By Jarrah Kawusu-Konte

Following my recent interview which was published in the Ariogbo and Awareness Times newspapers, a number of people have tried to intimidate me from meddling in state affairs. They said there are ministers mentioned in the SLPP press release signed by its presidential nominee, Julius Maada Bio. The advice is those ministers should be the ones to reply to the SLPP outlandish claims against the legitimate government of President Ernest Bai Koroma not me.

Be that as it may, I believe I have a duty to protect the presidency insofar as the dissemination and processing of information is concerned. One thing I must not leave unclarified is that, I’m not a hired gun by any stretch of the imagination. I am where I am today because I’m a Sierra Leonean and member of the APC and above all a true believer in the “Agenda for Change”. I believe in President Koroma because he’s a man of his words and mean well for this country.

I support the government’s position that Maada Bio should provide proof to claims that armed ex-combatants have been ferried across the country, especially in SLPP strongholds to register. I support the president’s position that such claims bordering on national security must be substantiated by the SLPP led by Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. I hold this opinion because I believe in the merits of the president’s concerns which are nothing but his sincere sense of urgency to continue to maintain peace and quiet, necessary for development to take root in this country.

In my personal capacity as a citizen of Sierra Leone, I believe the majority of our people would agree that it is in the national interest that we create no space for war-mongers, mischief-makers and rabble-rousers to hold the people of this country to ransom. It’s in the national interest that we get to the bottom of these wild and unsubstantiated claims which have the potential to destabilize the ongoing peace and development we all so indispensably need to survive and grow as a nation.

The behaviour of the SLPP leadership since the APC came to power in 2007 has been nothing to write home about. If they are not boycotting parliament, they are beating war drums as well as unleashing obscene politics on the people of this country. All of these are pointing to one direction only, to subvert the gains made so far by this very responsive, astute, visionary and transformative leadership of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. By so doing they hope to create mayhem to the extent where the international community might come in to broker a power sharing arrangement of government of national unity. This is their plan, and by Allah’s Grace, it will never come to pass as the people are now far more conscious than five years ago.

The SLPP is the GOP in Sierra Leone politics. It led the country to partial independence in 1961 at the helm of a coalition of parties. And frankly, I wish that was all that was told. Unfortunately, the party conceived and orchestrated the very first military coup in this country in March 1967 to prevent the APC which had won the general elections from assuming office. Prior to this, the SLPP under Sir Albert Margai conceived and enacted the Public Order Act of October 1965. The SLPP under Sir Albert planned the revision of the Standing Orders of Parliament to reduce the APC’s parliamentary representation.

When you add to this the current SLPP leadership which is unquestionably fronted by ex-junta personalities under the sordid influence of people who are known as certified nation-wreckers, money-grubbing lying rogues and false pretenders for money and suck-like characters, you begin to realize that there is a close link between the SLPP and bad governance.

The SLPP has always thrived on bad publicity and doomsday conspiracy politics. Their brand of opposition is at best destructive rather than constructive. In the 1970s, the SLPP ensured that Siaka Stevens had no breathing space to the extent of even going on the rampage to give the APC a bad name. This is the SLPP for you; a party that cares little about the stability of the country; a party that cares little about what can enhance the national interest. The slogan of the current SLPP under their former junta leader is Pa O Pa (power at all cost). This is absolutely uncalled for and out rightly unacceptable.

This is why I want to call on the SLPP to come out with proof of armed ex-combatants being ferried across the country. If the SLPP presidential nominee cannot show proof of this, then he should be prepared to answer questions bordering on seditious libel and this law was enacted by Sir Albert Margai to clamp down on lawlessness in this country, albeit skewed against the opposition then. I would have expected the SLPP leadership (or is it a handful) to have secured evidence of their claims before making them public. This is where I think the mistake was committed. But there are laws for mistakes like this…the SLPP Public Order Act of October 1965.

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