Evading payment of taxes, both locally and in foreign countries is a serious risk. When caught, a penalty is imposed on the defaulter or defaulting agency. The situation is not different from one country to another; this is due to the fact that taxation plays very crucial role in the economic development of any state. In Ghana, tax evaders suffer the consequences of their actions anytime caught by the Internal Revenue Authority, the body responsible for the assessment and payment of taxes. The Ghanaian Chronicle Newspaper ran a series of articles when the taxes hammer of the John Kuffor New Patriotic Party (NPP) fell on defaulters and forced them to pay every cedi legitimately owned by the government that was evaded. The year 2000’s was not a jolly making profit business ventures for defaulters who took advantage of the porous nature of the Jerry Rawlings National Democratic Congress Party (NDC). Motherland Motors, as the name implies was a company dealing in vehicles, which was contracted to supply Hyundai vehicles with prescribed specifications furnished to the contractor. Motherland Motors is one of the companies that Julius Maada Bio allegedly had economic interest.

According to Kodjo Bekoe, vehicles were imported to Ghana from Europe and America and some of the vehicles were sent to Liberia, while the remaining part of them sold in Ghana ‘Business was going on fine, until the disaster occurred” He explained, without knowing that he was speaking to a Journalist who was on a fact finding mission, but pretended to be dealing in cars in America that he wanted Kodjo Bekoe to assist him with sales in Ghana.

The contract to supply Hyundai was the beginning of headache as the vehicles supplied were of poor quality and did not conform to specifications, as discovered. Motherland Motors reportedly saw the rough side of the John Kuffor Government, when it was requested to refund down payment made and take back their goods.

Perhaps that was just the smoke, with fire on the way. As Kodjo Bekoe explained that the vehicles were shipped from Europe and America to Ghana and Julius Maada Bio participated in all the transactions.  Kaneshi Road was another sales point in addition to Achimota Highway while Bio, Ray Kwaku and Basil were occupying a flat at Lapass Road, allegedly owned by the late Mr. Sayenu Sesay another business partner to the current Presidential Candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

It would be recalled that Julius Maada Bio at a TV debate of SLPP Aspirants denied his involvement in any business activity in Ghana, be it in vehicles or any other economic venture.

The Ghana Internal Revenue Authority (IRA) probe did not spare crooked business people, both Ghanaians and other nationalities “I warned them to be careful with people they are discussing their business with, but would not pay heed, which landed them in trouble” JB recalled. It was discovered that the shippers of the cars from America and Europe did not pay taxes and when the discoveries were made, the defaulters paid all taxes including penalties imposed on them by the state. Not only did Maada Bio and his partners suffered, but also other business groups, which caused them great financial loss and disillusionment that culminated into some of them  loosing fate in  doing business in Ghana.

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