Politics, Mal-Administration And Mis –Management Ruin National Revenue Authority

Certainly the end justifies the means. For the rest of the citizenry of Sierra Leone and our well wishers, the misery, administrative treachery, escalating unprofessionalism, corruption, abuse of office, abuse of power, cronyism and above all “cabalism” that have gripped Sierra Leone’s only bread basket, the National Revenue Authority could be likened to any of William Shakespeare’s six tale stories.


The leadership style and management objectives currently pursued by the Haja Kallah Administration looks like those fiery tales that were told to some of us by our grandmothers and fathers in the interior of our village settings involving some mysterious devil with four heads and some snakes with six mouths or a cat that has the limbs of an elephant, to frighten troublesome kids, when in actual fact these are not tales or fiery stories but naked truths that are unfolding at the NRA on a day-to-day basis. To say the least, the Head Office of the National Revenue Authority is in a complete state of mess.


In some previous articles on the Haja Kallah led administration this medium catalogued a number of issues that have formed the hub of the operations of senior management, with emphasis on corruption, abuse of power and misuse of public office. Sadly, the more this medium continues to expose those vices, the more they are being perpetrated by the leadership at the NRA, which is causing an embarrassment and disgrace to not only the current political administration of the state and government, but it continues to ache the head of President Ernest Bai Koroma, whose ambition to appoint a competent and professional leadership has left him in a state of stress, untold pain and economic disappointment.


Knowing fully well what President Ernest Bai Koroma stands as a leader, this medium is not fully convinced that the President is fully and properly, both by the puppet Board of Directors and Management about the day-to-day events that are unfolding at the NRA. On the other hand, if Mr. President is informed about the complete and total mess that has engulfed the Headquarter, but chose not to take a decisive decision on this barrage of wrongs and unproductiveness at this institution then we are very sorry for the people of Sierra Leone.


We are sorry for Sierra Leoneans not because we do not feel the pinch of the sustained economic problems of this country, which are mainly caused by the seemingly uncontrolled corruption at the NRA, but because we are now convinced that the President has not been properly briefed about the Haja Kallah incompetent and politically manipulated management team.


Several questions are being posed as to whether or not President Koroma is aware of the fact that the current acting Commissioner General is a non starter of the country’s principal breadbasket? For God’s sake, after administering the NRA for close to two (2) years in acting capacity is it now sufficient for President Ernest Bai Koroma and his government to know that Haja Kallah’s competence is far below the level of a national organization, not to mention a highly professional national institution like the National Revenue Authority.


Indeed, the biblical scholar, true Christians and even Muslims would never forget the story of King Pharaoh of ancient times, especially when he failed to listen to the advice of Moses (a seemingly ordinary man in the eyes of Pharaoh but who was sent by God) and set the children of Israel free, after he unleashed so much troubles on God’s people. But we know for sure that President Ernest Bai Korma, having read the famous Pharaoh’s episode in the Bible he would listen to the advice of patriotic and well meaning Sierra Leoneans and find a more suitable job for Haja Kallah Kamara.


For the sake of transparency and accountability, especially when we know that the DFID report on the NRA has laid naked before the President and his puppet Board of Directors headed by a very strong supporter of the Sierra Leone People’s party that Haja Kallah’s management lacks the major ingredients of corporate entities and modern tax administration. As, you read this article now, the ACC has completed the investigation of Commissioning of the Baelu and Beudu Customs Post in the Kailahun District by the Haja Kallah Kamara Administration, for which over two hundred and fifty million Leones (Le 250,000,000) was spent on a day’s event to entertain NRA Board members and other guests that attended the four two (2) hours ceremony in February 2010.


We would not forget the deal that was facilitated by the Abdulai Conteh, the Director of Finance and Hassan Omolaja, who is assigned to work as Commissioner Outdoor, with a brief on any matter that has big commission and Alimamy O. Kamara, the Deputy Director of Administration and Human Resources Management and former Chief Strategist of SOLO B’s Reform Group (currently re-elected in that same capacity for 2012 elections), at  the NRA for GST payments to be made in a Nigerian bank and collect big commission at the end of every month.


We have however been reliably informed that all the parties could not handle their agreement well and there is a huge backlog in the payments of the Commission. There is also the big issue of Haja Kallah’s fixed deposit at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, while staffs are going without salaries, medical facilities and operational resources. No wonder when letters were sent to taxpayers by one of the departments within the NRA, the boss had to use his personal funds to buy stationery and facilitate the process because the imprest is always being chopped by the head of the Finance Department.


However the most current of among the matters under investigation at the Anti Corruption matters is that, which has to do with the procurement of the celebrated three (3) town lots in Kono by the Administration on behalf of the National Revenue Authority. The land in question was allegedly bought for one hundred and sixty five million Leones (Le 165,000,000), with a separate fifty million Leones (Le 50,000,000) paid by the NRA to do brushing clearing of the land. The money was placed in a bag and carried to Kono by Abdulai Conteh in his ADZ 420 Prado Jeep

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