So Mada Bio is a deporterr?: Albert Bockarie Explains

I was born in Sierra Leone but my late parents migrated to the United States of America in 1971 when I was 10 years old. I know very little about Sierra Leone because I left at a very early age. I have visited my country at least 4 times, twice with my late father when I was a teenager and once with my mother when I was 23 years old. The next time I visited was in 2001 when I turned 40. However, my late father always reminded me that I am from Sierra Leone and I should connect with Sierra Leone.

I attempted to join Sierra Leone organizations but there are always problems within the Sierra Leonean communities. Lately, I attempted to join one of the two major Sierra Leone political party branches here in America. Naturally, my first choice was to join the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) because it is my late father’s party. My father told me, he was from Kailahun District and a member of SLPP. He told me many stories about his days in the SLPP party and certain things the APC party allegedly did to people from Kailahun and other South Eastern Sierra Leoneans. However, I find it difficult to join the party in North America or in Sierra Leone.
I was about to join the SLPP in late 2011 when they selected Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. I found out that Bio had been involved in violence in Sierra Leone. My research further revealed that he overthrew his own military government for bogus reasons. He then sold Sierra Leone passports to Chinese businessmen and looted the country’s treasury. I also found out that he was deported from the United States because he got involved in domestic violence when he allegedly beat his estranged wife, broke her arm and bit off the ear of her alleged boyfriend.
Through friends who are current members of the SLPP in North America I found out there is infighting within  and between party members. I read some of the exchanges on the internet where all sorts of profanities and accusations are thrown at each other. As I write this note, the current SLPP chairman is not running again for re-election for the leadership of the branch because he is tired of being insulted by some of his party members. I cannot believe that even wives and mothers are insulted in some of the childish petty bickering. With all this information, I decided not to join or support my father’s party.
My next option was to join the All Peoples Congress because I am impressed with the work the current president Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is doing. Since I began to understand things this is the first time Sierra Leone has a president who actually cares about his country and is developing the country. I would not mind support him or his party but I am concerned about reports the branch here in America is full of rancor just like the SLPP. In one instance I am informed the current APC chairman in America embezzled over six thousand dollars and refuses to give account. Further reports stated that this executive has misused or misappropriated every single penny that crosses his hands. How can an organization rely on one person to control money, without a treasurer or financial secretary?
I am informed that the APC North America executive’s term expired on January 16. 2102. They scheduled a fundraising event for March 3rd after their term expired. They will charge unsuspecting people $50 (fifty dollars) for the entrance fee. Why would anyone support an organization which refuses to be accountable and transparent and their term of office had expired? For someone like me who grew up outside of Sierra Leone, I wonder why some Sierra Leoneans in America are still corrupt. Why don’t Sierra Leoneans standup for the right thing?
Some of us have fought and risked our lives in wars for this country (USA). We are therefore very reluctant to join corrupt people who lack moral integrity and engage in internal conflicts and corruption? Above all, why has the ruling APC party extended the term of the APC in North America when the SLPP will be having their elections tomorrow in Philadelphia. The President is someone I think can change Sierra Leone, compared to Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. However, the current president is preaching change in Sierra Leone what message does he send by extending the term of the APC America?
I do not intend to engage in mudslinging. I am simply looking for answers so that I may better understand my country and people. I will no longer attend any political function in North America but would attend the Prayer Service and Get Together of the Sierra Leone North America Progressive Union on March 3rd, 2012 in Maryland, USA. Although, I am more likely to support the APC party, I will not attend the fundraising event of the APC North America that many say will fill the pockets of corrupt party operatives. I am asking my entire Face book Friends to pass this message to as many people as they can, and hopefully meet me in person at the event advertised by NAPU.

Yours Sincerely,
Albert M. Bockarie
Hollywood, California.

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