Paramount Chief Turns Bad Word Mistress

Paramount Chief Turns Bad Word Mistress


The Paramount Chief of Gbo Chiefdom in Bo District, Mrs. Ruth Fawundu Songo is no good example worth emulating of a traditional ruler. Whether her election to the office of traditional rulers was a mistake or the position has intoxicated her, making her to a bad apple among the lot is gradually becoming evident for her subject to see that their choice needs to go through some moral and ethical training befitting the office of traditional ruler. If she is not seen exhibiting behaviour contrary to her position, she would be heard releasing unprinted language in public places to the dismay of onlookers

When news about Paramount Chief Ruth Fawundu behaviour started doing rounds in the district, interpretations about it were mixed. Some attributed her unusual behavior to the death of her husband; others say it was news about the exit of the United Nations Representative to Sierra Leone, Mr. Michael Schulenburg who contributed financially and morally to her election victory. As time passes by, her behavior and use of obscene language against some of her subjects continues to gain unprecedented height, with no more regards for humanity and disrespect for all. Last week, though it did not come as a surprise, it however came as a shock when Paramount Chief Ruth Fawundu was seen during the day, publicly reigning obscene languages and abusing the parents of star radio and standard times members of staff.  The office situated along Tikonko Road in Bo witnessed a very sad chapter since its establishment in the second city of Sierra Leone.  It was on 4th March 2012 at about 11:25 on that fateful day, when the Paramount Chief defied all decency and credibility attached to the office of traditional rulers.  Her behaviour attracted all categories of people who stood by and watched her performance beyond public expectation. The Regional Manager of Star Radio and Standard Times Mr. Gbassey Juldeh stood in utter dismay, while Chief Fawundu was busy entertaining the public with her indiscriminate use of words. “I couldn’t believe that a traditional ruler would behave in such a manner and abusing her subjects, using unprinted words of different levels and colours” He said. When Standard Times office in Freetown called on the Paramount Chief for comment, she yelled and said come to my Chiefdom and let me deal with you and turned-off her phone.

Talking to Journalists in Bo, Mr. Richard Margao said I can,t understand why she is behaving the way she is “Juldeh explained to me how he was abused” He said

For Mr. Pat Kawa, another Journalist in Bo “Mrs. Ruth Fawundu can do and say more than what you have heard”, and went on “Every journalists in Bo have a bitter experience to share about Paramount Chief Ruth Fawundu, not to talk about her subjects who report her almost on a daily basis about her dictatorial attitude and how she is treating them”.

Reports about her involvement with a Ghanaian national, named Kofi Nana under the pretext of establishing a Pepper Project for farmers, left her subjects in tears as Millions of Leones was siphoned from them with nobody to raise the issue with her, afraid of the consequences that would follow

Observers have said the way and manner Mrs. Fawundu is behaving and presenting herself in public is a cause for concern by her colleagues.