IMITT Mile 91 provides skilled workers for NEC

 By : Muckson Sesay (Executive Director IMITT Institute


Eshaka : Standing with the Biometric System after a long day of hard work


Getting a job in today’s economy is tough, and landing to a high paying job is not only tougher, but it may seem absolutely impossible especially in an economy like ours in Sierra Leone. However, with the right skills under his belt, Esheka M. Sesay has every reason to celebrate his life-changing career. At age 23, Esheka is among several former students of the Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Training Centre IMITT whose skills have landed him into a job that not only pays him a good salary but also provides him with a 4X4 vehicle and a personal driver so he can perform his important work. This is unprecedented, especially for those without post secondary school education, in Sierra Leone

Osheak, as his friends calls him, is just one example among the Sixty Five graduates from IMITT institute who have signed similar employment contracts and are currently working in various capacities from Ward Coordinator, Data Operator down to registers for the National Electoral Commission NEC in Sierra Leone. Their duty is to operate the Biometric Voters Registration System (BVRS) for the registration of voters for the forthcoming National presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for November 2012.

BVRS is a sophisticated and complex computer aided system that captures the facial features of a voter and transform those features into digital codes of 0s and 1s. The objective is to prevent the phenomenon of multiple registrations and ultimately multiple voting.  Therefore, NEC needs workers who have the tested, trusted and proven computer skills to operate the biometric system nationwide. The Commission is fully aware that its credibility is on the line. As one observer put it, the integrity of any election result begins with a complete and accurate voters list.  Therefore, NEC requested for the use of IMITT’s Automated Computer Based Examination (ACBE) Software and IMITT’s facility for conducting exams and recruiting workers in the northern town of Magburaka.

The majority of those who passed the exams were IMITT graduates.  One former student, Mariatu Kamara, now working for NEC as data operator was quoted saying “during the exams, a Bachelor’s degree and Masters became irrelevant, most university graduate students failed the exams because they don’t know how to use computer very well.”  She continued that “all of us from IMTT are used to working and taking computer exams, because all our exams are automated”

This observation demonstrates that in order to create a more flexible and skilled workforce, Sierra Leone needs an effective integration of technology into our learning institutions to provide students with meaningful opportunities to use technology increase their academic achievement and prepared for the complex jobs of the 21st century.

According to Politico Newspaper online publication on February 8, 2012, with the byline “North tops voter registration”, the northern province has registered more voters than other regions of the country.  Mr. Fornah, head of the computer department at the Government Technical institute in Magbouraka, argues that the success of the voter’s registration in the north has a direct link with the quality of Northern Province workers of whom the majorities are IMITT graduates. This claim is clearly supported by one NEC staff, Mr. John Ballay also former student of IMITT, who said “the biometric system is a little tricky to use, at the same time people are very busy and sometimes gets impatient – we therefore need a data operator that has enough computer experience to avoid a long queue ultimately prevent people from quitting the registering queue…”

Mr. Muckson Sesay installing computer screen

Mr. Muckson Sesay installing computers at Magburaka Technical Institute

At IMITT institute, we train students on basic hardware and software troubleshooting. we familiarize our students with several desktop imaging software this includes Acronies, Ghost 32, Hiren disk, Bart disk, etc.  We teach students how to share network printers, run virus scan, create images for various windows client machines, diagnose hard drive for bad sector and perform memory test. Our students also learn how to schedule backup for windows machine and recover data from formatted hard disk.

Our institutional values dictates that denying technology to a child is like denying the right of a child to education, the consequence is the same –In both cases, they won’t be able to get the jobs of tomorrow. That is why we have embarked on incorporating our programs into learning institutions. The latest beneficiary the Magburaka Government Technical institute now enjoys its first ultra modern computer lab ever to be established in its computer department.

If a lack of skilled workers is one of the main limitations of our workforce in Sierra Leone then IMITT is the solution to that problem. With less than $12 per program, we take our students from a novice level to proficiency



Computer Lab at Magburaka Government Technical Institute

Computer Lab at Magburaka Government Technical Institute

IMITT proprietor Mr. Muckson Sesay inspecting lab for computer installation









Second from the Right: Mr. Muckson Sesay, IMITT Institute proprietor delivering computer equipment to Government Technical Institute

IMITT Lab Opening ceremony at Magburaka Technical Institute

IMITT Lab Opening ceremony at Magburaka Government Technical Institute

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