The unbelievable episode that has left some members of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in a state of perturb and disillusionment continues to impact on them negatively, even with time some of the members would find it difficult to come to terms with the reality. Tom Nyuma has let an incredible bullet on the legs of the party, which has reversed plans for the 2012 election victory of the party. Some members are still looking at the defection like a dream, unable to fathom what went into the head of the junta man to dissociate himself from the political bandwagon of his closest ally. How to get Tom Nyuma to reverse his decision may be a fruitless endeavour at the moment, as documentation of his APC membership is reportedly at the tail end at the Party Secretariat. Sources say, Tom Nyuma is currently in Freetown trying to secure all documentation of the APC party in place and at the same time making necessary arrangement for the official baptism into the APC wagon.

According to sources close to the Secretariat, the formal ceremony of admission and acceptance will be announced in due course, but for now the necessary documentation has to be put in place’ the source added. The former junta man will officially relinquish his position as Chairman of the Kailahun Council after the completion of his full membership of the APC, which would not be too long. Till date no reason whether official or private has been giving by Tom Nyuma as to why he quit the Sierra Leone’s People Party(SLPP). The debate in some quarters is that he was not SLPP, while others are saying that he was SLPP and contested under the banner of the party in the last Council election and won as a councilor, but this time round he may have realized that he would not be giving the opportunity to contest for the position of a Member of Parliament and sees the APC Party as a possible avenue to secure a symbol, which would enable him to contest and win. Whatever the argument may be, his defection has not gone down well among members of the SLPP. According to an Executive Member of the SLPP, the defection has created an opening for the APC to penetrate what used to be the stronghold of their party, which they would systematically work towards and make it impossible for the APC Party. Perhaps the defection of Tom Nyuma that has been described in certain APC quarter as a “big catch” is just a teaser as more catch of bigger members of the SLPP is eminent, which political sources connected to the hierarchy of the APC say will rock their party to ground level when big names and influential members start bidding farewell to the party “ I am a young man and have a long way to go in politics” Tom was quoted to have said in some close quarters “ The SLPP nor the APC is a religion that man’s political aspiration should be tied to at anytime in one’s life” He said. Impressed with the development strides of the ruling government, Tom one of his closest confidante said wants to associate himself with the development picture of the country, despite what had taken place in the past and how they toppled the APC government of the late Joseph Saidu Momoh, he sees the current APC different from the APC the NPRC toppled. Allegation abounds that Tom Nyuma is afraid of an inquest and wants to save his skin if one is to take place after the 2012 election. A member of the APC Secretariat responded when the question of an inquest was put to him “We are talking about politics and not inquest this time round and how to get members into our fold” Another allegation is that there is a pending matter under investigation at the Anti Corruption Commission that has to do with the Kailahun Council and Tom Nyuma seeing himself at the middle has decided to align himself with the ruling party.

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