President Koroma is a wise man of the East

President Koroma is a wise man of the East


…SLPP former Presidential contender says


By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya,

President Ernest Bai Koroma’s success story in developing the country for the benefit of all cannot be contested by any well-meaning Sierra Leonean in the country and the Diaspora. His admirers range from all works of life ranging from children from pregnancy, teenage stage, women adults and even members of the opposition.

Among the enormous, uncountable and excessive admirers for the country’s hardworking and people’s President is a retired United States Major called Ismael Sengu Koroma (retired) who has said that President Ernest Bai Koroma is a wise man of the East even though he was born in the North. The retired Major Ismael Koroma was a former contestant for the position of president under the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). He lost to a colleague retired Major in Sierra Leone called Major Maada Bio. Retired Major Ismael Koroma’s admiration of President Ernest Bai Koroma did not come as he loses the battalion to Maada Bio but it came earlier than that. It could be recalled that he had been making interviews in local radio stations and leading news papers including Standard Times for him loving the principles of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

He has also in the aftermath of the SLPP convention in 2011, interviewed with the renowned MONOLOGUE COMMUNITY RADIO FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE where he also made public pronouncement of his support to the current President. However, in September of 2011, during the period of the United Nation’s 66th annual summit in New York, Ismael Sengu Koroma attended the summit and narrated his meeting with his Excellency the president of the Republic of Sierra Leone in which he elaborated his admiration of the president and his satisfaction of the meeting with him. During the interview and vital discussion in New York, Major Ismael Koroma who also supports development and loves the extra ordinary qualities the God almighty bestowed in President Koroma stated that the president invited him for a discussion as Sierra Leoneans and above all the leader of his nation and he explained how proud he was and even at now to see the way Sierra Leone was recognized by the Head of states and government during the meeting of the African Nations meeting in which US’ President Barrack Obama was present.

Because of his support for development in his country and praising the development and results oriented President of Sierra Leone for championing such kind of course, Major Ishmael Sengu Koroma became a subject of the day by then. All hell broke loose on the side of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party. Major Koroma was labelled as a traitor by his SLPP commoners, hierarchy and those who hate development in the country. Even the SLPP’s grand fathers like Dr. Sama Banya and the only founding member of the party labelled Major Koroma as a traitor of the party for supporting a leader who is prioritizing development in his country.

(L-R) President Ernest Bai Koroma…loved by all for prioritizing development in Sierra Leone. This picture was shot by Ishmael Kindama when he was launching the Gola Forest National Park in the Eastern Region. Major Ismael Sengu Koroma (SLPP) supporting President Koroma for development in his country

It must be clearly noted this writer is not a fan of Major Ishmael Koroma but he is a rising star neglected by the SLPP Grand Old Party. The truth that I can vividly say here is that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party has a wealth of human resource but most of these resources are not utilized appropriately for the benefit of all in Sierra Leone. They only interested with their own personal interest instead of national interest like President Ernest Bai Koroma is doing.

The SLPP’s forefathers like Sir Milton Margai built a political legacy that includes independence for Sierra Leone; incorporation of all ethnic groups into the political process; honesty; to name just a few, but not every political system lasts forever.

It could be recalled that many people who sees development in Ernest Bai Koroma have been leaving the Sierra Leone Peoples Party for the fact that they can pointed at instances of development in the country. Major executive members of the SLPP have transferred their support and allegiance for President Koroma and even recently, the Chairman for the Kailahun District Council, Tom Nyuma has demonstrated his allegiance for President Koroma.

Major Ishmael Koroma said in a discussion with this writer that “one thing that is very common in President Ernest Bai Koroma is the fact that he always welcomes viable products and goes for it as evidenced by a major overhaul of our infrastructure and the introduction of four-lane roads that stretch throughout the city and in the provinces; constant supply of electricity; the new market centre in the SLPP stronghold of Kailahun district and if I say to count, I can go on and on”. This is a clear manifestation to prove that President Ernest Bai Koroma is really doing well for the people of Sierra Leone for the fact that some in the SLPP are pointing at his legacies across the country.

The Sierra Leonean United States Major pointed at the development the president takes in the East and Southern part of the country despite him being a Northerner. “For the fact that president Koroma is taking development all sides of the country, even in the East shows that he is a wise man of the East even he is from the North”, Major Ishmael Koroma stated.

No matter who Major Ishmael Sengu Koroma stands with shoulder to shoulder whether Maada Bio of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party or President Ernest Bai Koroma of the All Peoples Congress, his presence will illuminate the beginning of a new era that Sierra Leone is once again at the dawn of a new beginning and with his charisma, integrity, education and association with the west especially the USA would ensure a winning team. Major Ishmael Koroma with his bilateral and multi-lateral relations in the Western community especially militarily will be a key shoulder that any of the two main contenders for the presidency in 2012 should lean on.

Major Ismael Koroma will be coming from the United States on Sunday to register and have the right to vote in the coming Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections. When he comes, Standard Times will interview him to know who he may vote for in the upcoming elections. Candidly speaking, although it is not yet clear who this Major will vote for when the time comes in late November, but from all indications Major Ishmael may vote in for development he eyes in someone in the country.