The Mabang Bridge begs for government’s attention

By Rosetta Zizer9pix mabang bridge

The Southern Province as we know is comprised of four districts namely: Bo, Bonthe, Moyamba and Pujehun Districts. The Southern Province covers an area of 19,694 km² and has a population of 1,377,067 (2004 census). Leaving Moyamba – the largest in the southern province of Sierra Leone with a population of 260,910 in the 2004 census the capital and largest city Moyamba. The other major towns include Njala, Rotifunk and Shenge.  By geographical area, the Moyamba District occupies a total area of 6,902 km2 (2,665 sq. mi) and comprises fourteen Chiefdoms. Among the prominent people from that strategic District are: Sir Albert Margai, Dr. Siaka Stevens, Sir Milton Margai, Dr. John Kerefa-Smart, John Akar, Tinga Seisay, Banga Tejan-sie, and Ella Koblo Gulama. Lately, Sustainable plan for Moyamba District from the Government seems to be a missing issue. That’s to say the area has been sanctioned without respecting ordinary citizen’s right. And majority of its people have been struck by financial problems and this, by all indications, is a cause for concern.

 The deterioration of the Mabang Bridge and the Moyamba Road have emerged as a recurrent topic over the years and since the comeback of the APC regime, knowing that the Southern Province of Sierra Leone is or “should be” the melting pot of Sierra Leone, none APC/SLPP strong hold. The overview of this problem has become a challenging debate, since the southerners are aware that the issue of repairing the Mabang Bridge and the Moyamba Road has gone nose dive since 2001. At present, the current Government has not included the maintenance of that strategic bridge and the Moyamba Road in its 2012 budget. And this could be attributed to several factors – including of course dirty or bad politicking. On the other hand, Southerners have reported that over the years, the APC government shifted all activities of ground-breaking and infrastructure to the North (the Makeni and Magburaka and the surrounding areas) from a once poverty-stricken township to one now bubbling to be a concentrated industrialized area, while the Southern province is left with muds and dusts and without hope for any infrastructural development in the near future. With this continuation, the southerners are left with the assumption that the APC government, in so doing, has turned a blind eye on them by changing its genuine mission and paying less attention to poor people in the southern province. This is a bad move, especially in times like these when the APC regime needs the votes from this highly populated province. As a press, we believe this is a serious matter for greater concern that requires the immediate attention of the powers that be in a bid to remedy the situation. But although we join in the loud call for urgent action, we must hasten to say that the ruling government should not be castigated entirely for such problems. Rather, the only defaulters are supposed to be the preceding regimes being the only ones responsible for the negligence of the Mabang Bridge. The Mabang Bridge is a desperate situation – something ordinary Sierra Leoneans could have taken care of in terms of repairs if only they could afford the cost. However, the government should not take advantage of an ordinary stupefaction; that is to say, the mixture between ethnic groups and political affiliations which hasn’t been well balanced(published Verbatim)

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