By Queen Love

I visited the USA a couple of times before I eventually went to live there. I still remember very well how I fervently prayed to Almighty God for Him to bless me with Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding as soon as I found out that the USA was founded by genuine Christians with Godly principles. As usual, I always look for the good and the positive in people, countries and things even though I know that nobody and nothing on earth is perfect. Honestly speaking, I was amazed by how beautiful and abundantly blessed the USA really is, and right away I started comparing my country of origin Sierra Leone, to the USA. I gave myself lots of homework to find out what we have that is missing in the USA, and what they have that is missing in Sierra Leone. On my own, I came to a conclusion and said to myself; wow! We have a lot in Sierra Leone that the USA and other developed countries for that matter doesn’t have at all, so the huge difference is the condition of the human heart. Because I have traveled a lot, I know for sure that Americans are very hospitable and compassionate. Benevolence is a great attribute that flows out of a loving heart and the USA has abundance of that, which doesn’t mean they are perfect people, but it simply means that they are warm and very generous.

To be very honest and blunt, the BAD condition of our hearts in Sierra Leone is the BIG ISSUE, but if that “BAD HEART” can be transformed; then without any doubt at all we the Sierra Leoneans ourselves will boldly step up the plate to positively transform our country into a first world nation where people around the world would want to come and invest big time, or purposely come to look for jobs and be hired by Sierra Leoneans and make this beautiful country their own home. And guess what? Nothing and nobody can stop that from happening but us! Being the big dreamer that I am and because of the trials and tribulations that I have survived, I made it my diligent responsibility to study as hard as I could about solutions concerning the BAD HEART issue in Sierra Leone because we have a lot of that than in other countries. The most heart wrenching truth is, the whole human race was fooled, deceived and confused for ages; and as a result, they are continuously misunderstanding, abusing, exploiting and killing each other every day for all the things that are nonentities compared to the worth of one human being alone, things that can never ever satisfy the precious and priceless human soul, and worse of all, things that human beings themselves have allowed to gain power, authority, worth and importance over them, all because of the bad condition of the human heart. Whether we believe it or not, human beings lost their original divine image and identity when they sinned against their Creator, and spiritually they were gravely affected. Thereafter, they started chasing after everything they were created and blessed to dominate, subdue, and have power and authority over. And because of their marred image and identity; instead of loving, cherishing and appreciating their own kind, they are abusing, fighting and killing their own kind.

Mankind was never created with all the beautiful and unique gifts, talents and abilities just to turn around and kill each other because of things that don’t even have life in them, let alone the priceless BREATH of LIFE Almighty God breathed in mankind! And because mankind was made in the intrinsic image and likeness of Almighty God, it is the human being with the limitless abilities that gave names to all the animals and everything that exists on earth. It is the human being who invented and keeps inventing beautiful, luxurious and very high quality material things on earth. It is the human being who discovered, gave value and came up with ideas about how to process all the precious mineral resources on earth and design them in different shapes, forms, patterns and magnificent colors for multiple purposes.

It is the human being indeed that gave birth and keeps giving birth to all the geniuses, great Kings, great Queens, great Presidents, great Prophets, great Leaders, Beauty Queens, great Historians, great Poets, great Sports Men & Women, great Artist, great Musicians, great Scientists, great Movie Stars, great Architects, great Authors, great Intellectuals and great Manufacturers. It is the human being who only had to think to come up with wonderful ideas, and invent all the different Nationalities, Languages, Ethnicities, Tribes Cultures and Traditions. And it is the human being who invented and keeps inventing sophisticated Machineries, Electronics, and of course all the arms, ammunitions and nuclear weapons that can wipe out every living creature on the face of the earth in a twinkle of an eye. As you can see, I can go on, and on, and on, and on about how not the gold, not the diamonds and not all the monies of the world, but the human being is the most priceless treasure carrier on earth. And as long as the world exist, human beings will keep on giving birth, creating, inventing, making, building, multiplying, replenishing, developing and beautifying Mother earth with the abundant flow of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Now tell me, why did our Creator bless us with gold, diamonds and all the other precious mineral resources on earth? So that we could use them to hurt each other’s priceless souls? Not at all! But to use them to bless each other and beautify our world, period! And why do priceless human beings abuse and even kill each other for politics and tribalism instead of seeing them as great and diverse opportunities to make our world a loving, healthy, peaceful and prosperous place to live in?

Why is violence getting rampant everyday in our nation especially among the youth? Is it because of the growing issues of youth unemployment? Not at all! First of all, the main cause of youth unemployment is because of “BAD HEART” which makes people to be mean, selfish and greedy, and they obviously manifest negative attitudes and behaviors. Why do we preach everyday and expect people to change their attitudes and behaviors when we ourselves are still self-centered and we don’t put each other’s interest first? And why on earth are precious human beings getting angry at each other just because someone is wearing red instead of green or green instead of red? The answer to all the above is because of ignorance. We don’t know who we really are at all. We have been taught to believe we are nothing and that is how we see ourselves and others because it’s been embedded in our mindset. But let me help you with something today, that concept about the human being is so, so, wrong!

First of all, the different tribes are a plus to all of us and should never bring enmity between us. We should be thankful to our Creator for blessing us with abundant abilities to speak more than one language and we should cherish each other’s languages and stop seeing them as obstacles. And as far as colors are concerned, it’s a colorful world we are living in and thank God for that too! Every color is beautiful, therefore, we are supposed to appreciate and love every color that our Creator has blessed us with and not use them to abuse each other, or use them against each other for selfish benefits. My favorite colors are purple, white and gold; but I love every other color and like to wear different colors every day. Politics should never be played dirty and turned into a life and death, do or die, win at all cost selfish game. Do you know why? Because all the treasures in me; complements all the treasures in you. And together, there is nothing we can’t achieve to transform our world because we are worthy and more precious than all those things that bring enmity between you and I. Therefore, we should all have one positive goal. The earlier we clean our hearts and stop belittling, abusing and restricting each other’s great human potential, the better our lives will be transformed and eventually our nation too with genuine and long lasting peace. What we desperately need is a love transformation from the inside out, and everything else will work positively in our favor and for Almighty God’s glory. We should and must denounce “HATRED” which is the “MOTHER” of selfishness, greed and violence. And let us welcome in “LOVE” which is the “MOTHER” of compassion, harmony, genuine peace and happiness.

Every human being whether they are poor, old, young, black, white, Asian, blind, deaf, dumb, crippled, or mentally challenged; is more precious, more worthy, more valuable and priceless than all the precious treasures of the world and that is how we should see each other. I will tell you this for free and please make sure you never forget it: We have an opposition on earth but it is not you and I. He has an agenda and has always been on a rampage to bring enmity between you and I, destabilize and dehumanize us so that we will never find out about who we really are! Yes, you can tell Satan that I said so because I know who I am and whose I am- a child of the Most High God!

Our opposition doesn’t have any power over us any longer, and that is more reason why he is using every strategy to bring enmity between you and I so that we will keep on glorifying him who is here only to steal, kill and destroy; instead of glorifying Almighty God who loves us unconditionally because He is Love. Our greatest weapon is not the same as our opposition’s weapons because we are not related to him at all. Our greatest weapon against our opposition is genuine love for one another because that is what paralyzes him who is the Mother and orchestrator of HATRED. And genuine Love for one another glorifies God who is the foundation and MOTHER of LOVE. As soon as we make up our minds to start loving each other genuinely, our greatest opposition on earth will loosen his grip on us and wouldn’t have any choice but to run away from us forever because he can’t stand seeing the human beings God made in His love image glorifying God. I am therefore appealing to my Sierra Leonean sisters and brothers; please for the sake of Almighty God our Creator, let us stop playing the dirty politics, the blame game, the finger pointing, the name calling, the violence and the misusing of the red and green colors against each other because we are all far better and worthy than all of those things that our one and only opposition uses to bring enmity between the image of God in us.

Every addiction is a hunger for genuine love in our hearts. And every violent manifestation is a cry out for genuine for love in our hearts. Nothing matters more than genuine love in our souls. War and violence are not for us because we were made by Love, for Love, to love and to be genuinely loved. Enough of all the merry go rounds around the same old mountains! Nothing else can satisfy the precious and priceless human soul but genuine love. My love message is a huge contribution to the President’s agenda for change because there is no genuine attitudinal & behavioral change without genuine love in our hearts for each other, and there is no genuine and long lasting peace without genuine love. Now that we know who we really are and our only opposition’s motives, let us choose to love than to hate. May God continue to bless us all and our beautiful Mama Salone. 


                         THEREFORE, YOU + I = UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!”



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