Dr. Bundu the Passport Mafia and the State

Dr. Bundu the Passport Mafia and the State


 By Philip Neville

Sierra Leone Passports for arms and ammunition is the  Defence of “Fair Comment” or the “Public Right To Know” by Dr. Abass Bundu whenever the issue of the sale of the identity of Sierra Leoneans is brought to the fore for discussion. Unfortunately, not every Sierra Leonean is aufait or armed with documentary evidence to tell Dr. Bundu to his face that he is economical with the real truth and lying to the public, using intellectualism. It is not in all cases that intellectualism is right, nor will intellectualism be used to fool the people all the time. One would be made to believe the hypothetical saying that “All intellectuals are thieves and Dr. Abass Bundu is an intellectual, therefore he is a thief. He should not allow perception of this notion to carry the day, and the only way he can avoid it is to come out clean and tell the people of this nation how he received the sum of US$210,000.00 from the transaction rather than downplaying the seriousness of the matter with the Queen’s language. The ordinary Sierra Leonean who suffered during the war and even now is not interested in the Queen’s language but how proceeds from the sale of Passport was utilized for the general good of the people and the country.

Sadly, not the general good of the people benefited as evidence in the possession of this medium has exposed how the passport transaction was done. Into whose foreign accounts proceeds from the sale of Sierra Leone’s Passports were made and who were the kingpins in the entire transactions. Dr. Bundu and a number of government officials involved in the transaction are indebted to the State of Sierra Leone and until money owed to the state is paid, there should be no hiding place for them. The responsibility of the state among other things is to protect its citizens and assets. That responsibility is passed on to every ruling government, whose mandate to rule is derived from the citizens of the state. This is otherwise known as a social contract and the failure on the part of government to perform the functions as prescribed by the constitution known as the “BIBLE” of the state, the people has the legitimate right to withdraw that mandate and pass it on to another set of officials to govern. Governments come and go, but the state remains though in abstract. The government must be able on behalf of the state and its people to demand every penny owed to the state from Dr. Abass Bundu. Monies from the sale of Sierra Leonean Passports are the assets and property of the state, therefore no excuse should be entertained from him and his cohorts relating to the issue of Passport sale in Hong Kong. Equally so, those who partnered with Dr. Bundu to deprive the state of its assets should be made to refund every penny. So far the matter involving Dr. Bundu and the state has not been closed. What makes it criminal is the fact that he admitted refunding his own share after Mr. Frank Yiu made it known to him that all monies credited into his London Account were from the sale of Sierra Leone’s Passport not a personal gift as Dr. Bundu had claimed or contributions to his Presidential Campaign, but from the sale of Passports. His Lawyer in a letter dated 12th September, 1996 forwarded a cheque for US$105,000.00 as part payment in settlement of the total amount and promised to pay the balance at a later date. Dr.Bundu sneaked out of the country to London in less than 48 hours and cancelled the cheque. There was mens rea at the time of paying the cheque and adequate prima facie evidence to prosecute him in any court of law.

Today a lot of Chinese nationals are citizens of Sierra Leone, how that sounds ridiculous eh! because Dr. Abass Bundu and a handful of state mafias wanted the status quo to be like that as they benefited financially at the detriment of the people, claiming that the money was used for the purchase of arms and ammunition to prosecute the war. No wonder, a lot of them wanted the war to proceed endlessly because of the benefits some of them were getting out of that terrible and bloody situation.