Documentary evidence available with this press has confirmed that Dr. Abass Bundu while serving the country as Foreign Minister was neck deep into the sale of Sierra Leone Passports and received money from a Chinese Agent called Mr. Frank Yiu. The Chinese agent had explored the Sierra Leone Market as feasible for trade and the establishment of business. Taking advantage of the cordiality of the environment and friendliness of the people, he came into contact with Dr. Bundu at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, where they discussed the internal dynamics of the Passport sale in Hong Kong and seeing the lucrative nature of the business Dr. Bundu opted for commission and involved other state officials in the NPRC government. Apart from the US$210,000 he collected, there is also evidence indicating that he received initially the sum of US$50,000 from the One Million Dollars he had requested from Frank Yiu to fund his Presidential journey to State House.

In 1996 when squeezed by the Kabbah led SLPP government after the elections, Dr. Bundu involved the Law Firm of Ade Renner Thomas and Co. to plead on his behalf for all charges against him dropped, promising that he would refund all monies chopped from the Passport transaction, that is when it was  clearly established that the money he had received from Frank Yiu belongs to the State of Sierra Leone and not a personal gift from the agent to his election campaigns as  claimed.

The involvement of the Law Firm of Renner Thomas and Co. pacified the situation, but did not exonerate Dr. Bundu from wrong doing or criminal prosecution. Dr. Bundu took undue advantage of the involvement and betrayed the confidence reposed on the firm by the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Little did the firm realize that Dr. Bundu was finding an escape route from criminal prosecution and thus, decided to utilize the reputation of the firm to get out of the country. ‘Towards the payment of the said sum of US$210.000.00, we forward the enclosed cheque in the sum of US$105,000/00 (One Hundred and Five Thousand United States Dollars), made payable to Government” The letter states and went on, “…this payment is made to underscore our client’s contention that he had absolutely no criminal intent whatsoever in all his dealings, official or private, with Mr. Frank Yiu”

Whatever Dr. Bundu may have briefed this firm on the matter, there is sufficient evidence, justifying his involvement and receiving of money from transactions relating to the sale of Sierra Leone Passports, which was credited into his London account and some he received physically(To be continued)

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