58 year old Widow exonerates man of God in Sierra Leone

July 24, 2011 0 By admin

…Pastor Sylvanus Baova is not a fraudster

By Mohamed Akim Sesay:::

Lying against someone is an offence to the God Almighty and it is for this reason that a 58 year old Widow in Sierra Leone by the name of Madam Agnes Sesay had thought it wise to think about the Day of Judgment and exonerate Pastor Sylvanus Baova of the Abide in Christ Evangelistic Church at Dwazark Farm Community. It could be recalled that the Widow had one time lied against the Man of God in 2010 as personally involved in false pretences and fraudulent conversion of monies for a programme she had wanted her daughter by the name of Fatmata K Sesay to attend in Australia.

Madam Sesay during a public apology and confession at the Church in Dwazark told a congregation that “Pastor Sylvanus is a well respected Man of God in his community and the Church and what I did to him was the work of the devil which I had never imagine to do”.

The daughter of Madam Sesay was part of the mission for a legitimate Hilsong Church conference to the Australian territories but because of delay in submitting the documents, Fatmata Sesay never travel for the conference. It was during this time that her mother misunderstood the process and referred it as a scam. “The programme was not a scam because the Church members paid part of the money to be used and the husband of Fatmata paid another balance”. He said when the programme did not materialize; Madam Sesay used such opportunity and asked for the money which was paid by her son-in law. “I never gave Pastor Sylvanus any money for travel” she said while apologizing to the man of God in the Church. She adds “I am sorry for whatever this may have caused his reputation and I continue to pray for his forgiveness”.

When Standard Times contacted Madam Sesay’s son in law, he confirmed to have contributed some amount of monies for his wife, Fatmata to travel for an important conference in Australia and gain church leadership skills for the benefit of her church and the country in general.

Pastor Sylvanus accepted Madam Sesay’s apologies for defamation of character and assignation of his career but stood firm in church and prayed for the God almighty to forgive Madam Sesay. He said as a man of God, he will not relent the good work he had been doing for the country and the Church Mission but he said he will also continue to serve God the best way He deserve and continue in the best interest of mankind. “This is temptation and I will continue to resist such temptation in the world” he said.