VARSITY COURT ENDORSES COLE’S REPORT…Two Wks Ultimatum for Head of Campus

She is the Chairperson of the Committee that was charged with the responsibility to investigate staff matters relating to the college of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences otherwise popularly known as COMAHS. Mrs. Bernadette Cole was appointed based on several factors that were taking into consideration. Among which is her impartiality, her dedication to duty and knowledge about the workings of the University. In her team were Mr. E.T Ngandi, Mr. S.N.Dumbuya, Mr. Avril Renner and Ms. Lola Afro. Last Wednesday 28th March, 2012 Mrs. Cole and her team met and presented the report of the Committee’s finding to the University Court, Chaired by Canon Modupeh Taylor Pearce the recently appointed PRO-Chancellor of the University.

In presenting the report the Chairperson observed the usual protocols that accompanied the presentation of reports to the Court; she said that although it was a daunting task, however they were able to accomplish it regardless of the odds.

In accepting the report, the Chairperson of the University Court, Pro-Chancellor Pearce thanked the Chairman and members of the team that did the investigation and come out with a set of recommendation.

The University Court among other things endorsed the report and promised to implement it to the letter. It would be recalled that the Committee commenced work in November 2011 and concluded in February 2012. The Head of Campus, Dr. Baryoh has been giving two weeks to respond to certain findings of the Committee


Against the background of the above major findings, the Committee wishes to recommend as follows:

  1.       i.            The University should write to world educational Services (WES), not only to blacklist Mr. James but also to forward a comprehensive list of all transcripts that were issued to them by Mr. James over the years for verification
  1.   ii.            If it has not already been done all the records of past students of nursing under the old system (i.e. School of Nursing) be transferred to the registry of COMAHS.
  1. The University should think seriously of taking steps to centralize the issuing of transcript just as it has been done for admissions
  1. All senior staff of the University must undergo a special training/induction programme before they assume new positions

(a)           The University Registry should arrange for a workshop for all Senior Administrative staff on the operations of the University. At the end of the workshop, a handbook should be developed to serve as a guide for administrative staff in their day to day functions

  1.    v.            In as much as the Court had agreed that remunerations beyond what the University provides could be instituted at Collegiate/Institute level, such conditions for the purpose of transparency should be adopted at proper management meetings. It is the Committee’s considered opinion that efforts should be made by the University to ensure greater transparency in the award and distribution of remuneration/facilities within the system

Vi     (a) The University Administration should be more proactive in handling problems arising in the constituent arms by addressing immediately matters that have a potential for conflict, when such matters come to its attention

(b)          The University Registry should probe further the issue raised by the acting Provost about the MSc. Nursing programme not having gone through the Faculty Board before it was taken to the University Curriculum committee; if true, has the potential to undermine the authority of both the Faculty Board and that of the Acting provost.

Vii   The University Administration should convene a special meeting of all staff of COMAHS to address them on the need to work together in furtherance of the welfare of both staff and the institution

viii. Steps should be taken to redeploy the following Administrative staff of COMAHS to other constituent arms and bring in others to replace them immediately. Mr. I.A. Conteh, Mr. E.J. Momoh & Ms. Mariama Coker. In addition staffs who are found culpable of insubordination should be reprimanded

ix     Steps should be taken to verify directly the entry qualifications of all senior and senior supporting staff  of the University

x      Mr. Sahr James should be removed from the headship of the Department of Nursing and steps should be taken to institute disciplinary action against him in accordance with the University’s code of Conduct, for fraudulently issuing a transcript. The 550 USD he collected from Ms. Anna Demby should be returned to the family.

xi.    As a matter of urgency, a seminar should be organized for staff of COMAHS on the rules and regulations governing the University structure and its reporting mechanism

xii    As a whistle blower, Ms. Kadijah Dumbuya may be useful in serving in areas of the University where she can monitor expenditure and receipts

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