Thank you Mr. Premier News, but you got everything absolutely wrong

An opinion piece published in the Dr. Julius Spencer Premier Newspaper in yesterday’s edition under the caption “Reminding IMC about its obligations” The author, undoubtedly and an SLPP supporter named James Saa Momoh who wrote from his own world, which he believes would not augur well if the IMC fails in its national obligation to stop David Tam-Baryoh from airing out his programme through the Star Radio. That the link established between Star Radio and the Citizen Radio located at Kissy is not in the interest of the SLPP as it focuses on dismantling his party, therefore the IMC should come in to save the party. It sounds ridiculous, naïve and out of place; thus giving the impression about the author’s myopic and limited knowledge, firstly about the role of the IMC and next how he has allowed party politics to upset his level of reasoning. The rest David Tam-Baryoh will handle, in my estimation to the best of his ability

A case of clear mis-interpretation and mis-representation of facts was exhibited in the author’s deliberate attempt to attract sympathy from the IMC, by assuming that when both the SLPP and APC Radio Stations were shut down the latter opened a Radio Station that is purportedly owned by Philip Neville.

James Saa Momoh’s calculation, using Dr. Julius Spencer’s platform to express his anger has failed to carry out an investigation to ascertain the validity of his utterances that Star Radio was bought by the APC party to replace the Voice of the “Red Sun” One would not blame him for making such fruitless assumption. This is due to the fact that coming from the SLPP is very typical of them to make outrageous and unfounded statement especially when they find themselves in a state of mental disagreement. Although I am not interested to know when James Saa Momoh become a follower and believer of the SLPP, however I would want him to know that I contributed and sacrificed a lot to bring the SLPP to governance in 1996 and even when the party was overthrown by the AFRC. Among the journalists in Sierra Leone Philip Neville defied everything, because of his belief and conviction that the party was illegally rooted out of governance, therefore it should be restored. While some of us made that sacrifice, James Saa Momoh was living in his own world and refusing to take the risk for the party he claims to love and cherish.

In 1996 when Lawyer Banda Thomas, Dr. Prince Harding and Tejan Kabbah rallied some of us to support the SLPP to realize its dream of winning the election, it was Philip Neville and Abdul Hassan Fackie of the Standard Times Newspaper that championed the course of political success for the party. When Dr. Julius Spencer, Alie Bangura and Hannah Foullah in 1998 were operating a bush Radio that they now called Radio Democracy 98.1 FM, it was the Standard Times owned by Philip Neville that they always relied upon and used as their source of vital information. During those turbulent period, Philip Neville was not APC, he was not a bad journalist and there was no need to raise an alarm and called on the IMC, he was one of the best and fearless Journalists in Sierra Leone, but when the Gaddaffi rice story was published by the same paper Philip Neville hates the SLPP and currently working with David Tam-Baryoh to dismantle the party. See how close and unintelligent his argument is for the sake of a political party that he has made no significant contribution to over the years. When Philip Neville took over the airwaves, using the same Star Radio-Monologue programme to defend Julius Maada Bio, neither the IMC, nor the British High Commission or American Embassy was threatened by James Saa Momoh.

To imagine that the APC bought Star Radio, which Philip Neville is purporting to own shows James Saa Momoh’s level of comprehension, especially when there are physical evidence at the IMC and staff at the station can testify whether Philip Neville, owns and determines the contents of programmes aired out or not. The APC party MUST be STUPID to buy a Radio Station for Philip Neville, which he is making available to all the political parties in the country including the SLPP to air out their views.

When Philip Neville bought a two-unit printing machine, the likes of James Saa Momoh claimed that it was bought by Mr. Nathaniel Cole on behalf of the APC, without investigating. His outburst and feeble way of thinking is a testimony of the retrogressive, unprogressive and lazy attitude of most of them who always believed that political parties should fund projects for them and professionals and irrationally wait on political parties to breathe for them, as a result they remained dead and inactive and unable to put food on their tables for their families because their party is not in power. This is not the case for some of us who have gone through thick and thin, through difficult times, through the Whiteman’s experience and through the rudiment of education and believe in the doctrine of John Dewey. Messer Patrick Conteh and Crispin Deigh, Managing Director and Deputy are living souls and working at the Commercial Bank where I am still honouring repayment of loans obtained for the purchase of both the Radio Station and the Printing Machine. The Ecobank is still located at LightfootBoston/Wilberforce Streets to find out the loan obligation of Star Radio and Standard Times.

Reason for Dr. Julius Spencer to provide a platform for James Saa Momoh to mis-inform the public is very obvious to those who are aufait with the conflict between him and David Tam-Baryoh and Philip Neville should carry the blame because of their relationship. If that is so James Saa Momoh should not bother to call on the IMC or create a monster situation that cannot be feared. Networking is an accepted practice in the media industry and almost in all professional endeavours in the contemporary world, besides; the input of David Tam-Baryoh  to the existence of Star Radio makes it impossible to discontinue the Monologue Programme and also, let it be known to the likes of James Saa Momoh and those SLPP fanatics who hate to listen to the Programme that nowhere in the IMC Code of Practice that prohibits networking of programmes and Radio Stations. (Pause for his response)

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