Who owns Community Centre for the Handicapped?

By Philip Neville

For the past two days and more, Chernor Sankara the hand bearer of James Taiwo Cullen, who was sacked at Star Radio for rude behavior and professional misconduct claimed to be searching right, left and centre for information on Philip Neville, who sacked him and asked him to move to the exit door faster than he came. He felt humiliated for publishing his apology letter, which he submitted to the Managing Director asking for forgiveness that was never countenanced. Chernor Sankara wanted to get back at the Managing Director with a heavy bang, but his limitations in everything made it impossible for him to succeed and as a way of consoling himself he initiated text messages with badly spelt words and in badly written English that he sent out to the Managing Director on 088251757, threatening him that he has secured information about his Bio-data, which he intended to air out. Knowing the group he belongs, which is the James Taiwo Cullen Group makes no difference as they are two of the same kind and the only difference between them is that nature prevented one and nature appreciates the other, so the one that nature appreciates is leading the other that nature has prevented and not happy with because of several reasons among which is his activities to mankind.

Last Saturday, as usual; James Taiwo Cullen was reportedly on the air telling residents of Kingharman Road that Philip Neville has a lot of money, which was dished to him by politicians. One begins to understand his outburst  grudge and malice, because he feels neglected, poor and handicapped he should vent out his frustration on those he perceived to be rich, even when he has benefitted from them financially, morally and otherwise.(Readers, every Friday details about James Taiwo Cullen’s life will be published to serve you as your entertainment package, how he was abandoned in the United Kingdom by one of his sighted girlfriends, who was his staff that he snatched to the Western world to the detention he caused another member of staff to suffer at the Pademba Road Prison).

Revelation for this weekend may sound astonishing and shocking, please read on. James Taiwo Cullen has laid claims on a building at Kingharman Road that is meant for the use of the handicapped as a Community Centre. He forwarded a request in 2004 to the National Commission for Social Action for the funding of a building project to be used as a Community Centre for the handicapped to which he himself is one of them. In a letter dated 14th April 2009, the Commissioner of Nacsa wrote to the Ministry of Information and Communication and copy sent to him “The request was granted on the premise that it was a felt need originating from an institution or group of people representing the interest of the handicapped as a Community in their own right” The letter states. His compatriots to this day has no idea that the building is for them to be used as a Community Centre in their own right, but has been converted to a one-man show and cleverly disallowing other members of the handicapped community to utilize the facility.

Mr. Conton Sesay went further to explain “However, before the completion of the building and handing over to the beneficiaries, temporal use of the building was granted to VOH 96.2 FM because they were expecting eviction from their then premises which was expected to be affected by the proposed construction of the Hill Side Road.”

The humanitarian gesture that was offered to James Taiwo Cullen by NaCSA was mis-interpreted to mean that the building belongs to him and thus, preventing other members of the handicapped Community to utilize it for their activities. Most of them are sleeping on the streets, some paying rents out of nothing earned during the day while others are staying with their relatives in very deplorable conditions. James Taiwo Cullen has continued to enjoy what others could have equally benefitted from. Using it as his springboard to attack government officials and journalists he perceived as rich. “Surprisingly we have received reports alleging that the Managing Director of VOH 96.2FM has rented out the building to another institution by the name of Voice of Freetown for Le25, 000.000(Twenty Five Million Leones) for five years (5)” The letter adds, and went further “We would like to reiterate through your office that the basis for funding the above sub-project as a facility for the common benefit of the handicapped still holds and has not changed. Your office would be accordingly informed when the facility is completed and ready for handing over” The clarity and un-ambiguity of the letter clearly indicates that NaCSa did not cater for James Taiwo Cullen alone, probably as he wants the handicapped Community to believe but for all of them, but because of greed and self-centeredness he has cunningly pushed other beneficiaries of the project aside and now enjoying it alone. NaCSa, the funding agency should not allow him to continue depriving other members of the handicapped Community as they are suffering more than him. (See document)

It is not only Philip Neville or David Tam-Baryoh that James Taiwo Cullen hates based on his perception about them, but also the Minister of Information and Communication Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo who is also a journalist. Negotiation for the purchase of a transmitter (TX), believed to have been donated by the BBC or Cornet to 96.2FM to serve the interest of the handicapped Community landed Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo in trouble. Negotiation failed because the amount requested for the transmitter by James Taiwo Cullen was too exorbitant and secondly, experts had advised that the transmitter James Taiwo Cullen wanted to sell to Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, which was to be used by the Attitudinal and Behavioral Change(ABC) Secretariat  is not a quality equipment and won’t serve the intended purpose, instead; the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Co,operation should be used to air out programs of the Secretariat. Also, the selling price of US$40,000 (Forty Thousand Dollars) was unreasonable and advised that the idea be abandoned as it would mean additional cost to the Ministry of Information and Communication for maintenance, repairs and more. When James Taiwo Cullen received the unexpected news after putting a budget together of how he was going to utilize the US$40,000 he went into a state of mental disorientation. His first attack was on Allieu Kamara claiming that it was him who advised Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo not to help him. After Alieu Kamara, he turned his proboscis on the minister criticizing him without substance, even when the Ministry of Information and Communication is taking a far lead in development and other national projects. The ministry under the leaderships of Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo and Deputy Sheka Tarawallie has made unimaginable strides in the political history of this country, but James Taiwo Cullen has not appreciated the efforts of these individuals who are sacrificing time, energy and sleepless nights to transform the dream of the people of this country to reality.

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