VIOLENT HOUSEWIFE “CAGED” IN AMERICA…Judge grants protective order

When Fatmata Juldeh Bah entered the United States of America few years back on the sponsorship of her husband Mr. Abdul Sesay, she was under the impression that America is a land without law and order and meant only for women, little did she realize that the law of the land is not a respecter and status of persons or gender bias and in the face of the law all men are equal and presumed innocent until the court finds the individual guilty of an offence.

Her emergence on the land of opportunity as a wife to Mr. Sesay consolidated her assumption that she has arrived on the land of women where women can mal-treat, ill-treat, threaten and even used weapon on the lives of their husbands and go scotch free, which proved false in court when a restraining order was slammed on her. During her brief stay with Mr. Sesay, she became more of a trouble maker than a lovely and devoted house wife that made her financier husband to regret every penny spent on her to take her to the world of worlds where he initially thought that he could transform her life and make her a symbol of emulation to other Sierra Leonean women in America.

FAtmata Juldeh Bah

Life started going bad for Mr. Abdul Sesay when he noticed that his wife had been engaged in extra-marital affairs and tutored by friends she met in Virginia how to become troublesome and lawless to her husband. It was on a Monday morning that Fatmata Juldeh Bah came to herself and vowed not to use knife or any sharp object on the life of her husband. But it would appear that the document she signed was just to deceive her husband into believing that she was a changed woman ready to serve her husband diligently and make the difference.

On a piece of paper she scribbled “I Fatmata Juldeh Bah have promised….” but the adage “Old tricks die hard continues to haunt her, which forced her to abandon what she thought was a covenant. In less than two months she turned to her usual tricks of using abusive language, threats and going and coming out of her matrimonial home without permission from her husband. Abdul who was afraid of the weight of the law decided to report the extra-marital activities of her wife and how she had gone wayward, using threats and weapons to control his life, and in addition she had abandoned her home and hibernating at the residence of a friend in Virginia.

Fatmata was now using her new hide-out in Virginia as a spring board to throw missiles at Abdul, using landline and mobile phones; ignorant of the fact that she could easily be traced in America. Peace was now absent and the only way Abdul can regain it is to seek redress in the court of law and after holding consultations with his lawyer he decided to file a protective order suit, restraining Fatmata Juldeh Bah from using abusive language against him and threat on his life.

In front of the Judge at the Commonwealth Court in Virginia she claimed that she was being harassed by the Petitioner, beaten and tortured, which testimony was buttressed by four fake witnesses she produced in court, forgetting that Abdul was in possession of the covenant she signed on Monday 29th March, 2010 and in addition, another piece of evidence, which is a photo was tendered in court that is not in her favour. Examining the testimonies of her witnesses and her evidence in court the Judge upheld the application by the Petitioner for a protective order against the Respondent for a period of two years. Fatmata Juldeh Bah is now banned from talking, communicating and threatening the life of Abdul Sesay for a period of twenty four months.

Family sources say Abdul Sesay will file a fresh application in court for an arrest warrant against Fatmata Juldeh Bah.

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