CHOPPED DONOR FUND…Son of a European Father

The question of the lawful biological father of James Taiwo Cullen is shrouded in controversy, while some members of his family are expressing doubts as a result of his black colour, and others light skinned, fingers are pointed at the late Mr. Leigh. However, standard times have put to rest speculations by laying hands on his birth certificate and make it public. His birth certificate states that his father was the late James Timothy Cullen, a European who died and was buried at the Commonwealth Grave in Kingtom (see copy of birth certificate published).

Mr. James Taiwo Cullen, Managing Director of 96.2FM, since his birth to date has been living a life full of controversies. If stories related to him being abandoned by his lover-girl in the United Kingdom did not make sufficient news headline, allegation of embezzlement of donor fund has left him in a state of shamble, which he is current trying to wriggle himself out, but with abundant documentary evidence that is not in his favour, and confirmed by CORNET-SL, Project Director; Mr. Isaac Massaquoi he would have to explain how he utilized the sum of US$24,394.99 paid into the Voice of Freetown Bank Account, number 011571709 at the Rokel Commercial Bank at the exchange rate of a little over Le71 Million.

building of voice of the handicapped in sierra leone

Mr. Massaquoi’s letter of confirmation about the money paid into the Voice of Freetown account, explicitly explains that that the money was transferred from CORNET-SL account at the Standard Chartered Bank and paid into the Voice of Freetown account to which Mr. James Taiwo Cullen was a signatory.

“As regards your specific request about information regarding grant money passed on to Voice of Freetown for the realization of the project. I can confirm that on 15th January, 2008, we ordered our bankers, the Standard Chartered Bank to transfer the sum of $24,394.99 to Voice of Freetown in bank account no. 011571709 at the Rokel Commercial Bank…” Mr. Massaquoi’s letter explains

This revelation may have now opened the Pandora’s Box, not only exposing Mr. James Taiwo Cullen as the individual at the centre of the abuse of donor fund meant for the realization of the Voice of Freetown Radio project that should have benefitted residents of Brookfields and its environs, but is also demanding explanation from him as to how funds provided by OSIWA was either misappropriated or embezzled by him, which left the project dead on arrival.

OSIWA, which means Open Society Initiative for West Africa had provided funds for the establishment, maintenance and running of community radio stations in the country and the Voice of Freetown 92.0FM was one of the supposed beneficiaries of the Project that never materialized. Unfortunately, James Taiwo Cullen has refused to respond to a letter sent to him enquiring about funds provided for Voice of Freetown, to which he was the primary signatory officer.

It would be recalled that the issue of misappropriation and embezzlement of donor fund (OSIWA) was raised by the Manager of Voice of Freetown 96.0 FM, Mr. Benjamin Pratt, but when he raised the issue with the Anti Corruption Commission, Mr. Pratt said the Commission treated the issue with levity and did not bother to delve into it and bring the culprit to book.

Meanwhile, recent revelation by the Project Coordinator, Mr. Isaac Massaquoi may have put to rest speculations and denial that no money was paid into the Voice of Freetown (To be continued)

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