The decision by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to audit the accounts of the Public Auction Committee and the re-appointment of Auctioneers have been snubbed, rejected and challenged by Captain H.A. Bloomer, acting General Manager of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA).

This is not the first time that the authority of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has been challenged by Captain H.A.Bloomer. The first, when he was asked to proceed on leave and he reportedly instigated workers to go on a strike action in his defence, which panicked the government and allowed him to stay in office. Taking advantage of the current political situation, Captain H.A.Bloomer is reportedly up again with his old tricks and this time round is the decision of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development that he has put into scrutiny, challenged, questioned and has gone to the extent of describing the re-appointment of Auctioneers as one that is “saddled with a lot of conflicting interests”

Although he has failed to state the conflicting interest, however the motive according to sources close to him is to present and ridicule the current APC administration of recycling certain individuals they favour in society for particular jobs.

Others say the description and response are deliberately aimed at pin- holing Government efforts in restoring sanity, stability in the manner the Auction at the Queen Elizabeth Quay 11 was being managed and how the Auctioneers have comported themselves over the past and generated substantial revenue for Government, which motivated Government to re-appoint them for another period. “However, upon receipt of your letter, Captain H.A.Bloomer referred the Financial Secretary, on the above, I requested a brief from the SLPA representatives and my information is that the whole Auction Process appears to be saddled with a lot of conflicting interest.

They also informed me that on your instructions the Auction Committee advertised, interviewed and recommended the most responsive Auctioneer to your Ministry. Unfortunately, according to them, no response has come from you with respect to their recommendations. They somehow find it strange that you are now requesting for nominations to a Caretaker Auctions Committee” Captain H.A.Bloomer added. Sources close to the Ship Captain has revealed that he is not happy with the position of Government, since the Auctioneer of his choice was not appointed, even after serious lobbying had taken place he was still not considered for the job and instead Government decided to re-appoint the same individuals to manage the affairs of the auction. Not only did Captain H.A.Bloomer wrote what could be referred to a stinker response, but had endeavored to see that the process is stalled till date.

The audit of the account did not take place nor was the auction allowed to materialize and everything now seemed to be in total flux, because Government did not beckon to his whims and caprices and those associated with the plot. Not only did his behavior sent shockwaves to the spines of his superiors at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for his undiplomatic and un-administrative response, but has clearly exposed his level of involvement in the appointment of Auctioneers and also how the auction account at the Commercial Bank has been compromised At the end of the next two months, Captain H.A.Bloomer is expected to proceed on leave to retirement, but he is reportedly lobbying for an extension of time; probably for two years even when he would have exceeded the official retirement age as stipulated by government.

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