Double Registration…OVER 9,000 CASES UNEARTH IN BRUSSELS

By Chernor Ojuku Sesay, Information Attache,

The matching and de-duplication analysis of the Biometric Voter Registration of registered Sierra Leoneans has successfully ended in Brussels, with a total of 9,798 (Nine Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight) suspected cases of double registration unearthed.

The ZETES company experts, who carried out the exercise, disclosed that there were clear instances of deliberate double registration by certain individuals wanting to beat the system, whilst there were also cases of technical problems by the NEC Registrars which culminated to the above figure.

During the displaying exercise which was religiously observed by all the major Observers from Sierra Leone, one case of a deliberate double registration was displayed for all to see. The individual registered at two different Registration Centres on diverse dates, with different names, wearing different clothes and different birthdays. He first registered at the Kpetema centre on 28th January with the name Andrew Sesay and gave his birthday as 27th April 1990. On another date of 30th January, the same individual, with the same face and fingerprint but different attire went and registered in Bo city with another name of Abu Sesay and gave his birthday as 27th October, 1990.

To test the credibility and authenticity of the exercise, two of the Observers who were with their registration slips, NDA’s Spokesman, Chernoh Alpha Bah and Adama Kamara of the National Elections Watch requested for the retrieval and display of their data. This was quickly and effectively done to the admiration and satisfaction of all present.

In all, out of a total figure of 2,663,746 (Two Million Six Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty Six) Registrants on the database sent to ZETES by NEC for the matching and de-duplication analysis, 2,632,742 (Two Million Six Hundred and Thirty Two Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty Two) were successfully matched with fingerprints.

29,607 (Twenty Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Seven) registrants were matched without fingerprints. The ZEFES experts explained that it is as a result of technical hitches by the NEC Registrars during the registration exercise and the registration of Amputees caused difficulties in extracting their biometric templates. The figure for facial analysis was 92 (Ninety Two).The entire team returned to Sierra Leone on Monday, May 28th.

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