“My position on the issue of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation(SLBC) is very clear and unambiguous, which I have made known to the United Nations  that it is not the business of the United Nations to determine  who should be sacked and who should not be sacked” Mr. Peter Taiyon said during a telephone interview with this medium.

It was after last Thursday’s meeting at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Co,operation( SLBC) that news went round that the United Nations has indicated that it would only give financial or any other assistance to the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation when some of its Directors especially those at the Management Cadre have been sacked. “We are just partners in development and have no right to determine sackings as that fall outside our mandate” The United Nations Spokesman remarked.

It would appear that while Mr. Peter Taiyon is speaking from his mind, fingers are being pointed at Mr. Edward Kamara an employee of the United Nations who was also present at the Thursday meeting as the individual who allegedly wants to see the back of some Directors at the SLBC. Report alleges that Mr. Kamara vehemently said that until some Directors are sacked and proper restructuring is done the United Nations would not make any financial contribution to the National Broadcaster. These words have sent most of the workers at SLBC into a state of panic, especially when the Labour Market in the country is not healthy to accommodate large percentage of job seekers.

On the whole the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Co,operation is not doing badly when a critical assessment is made, taking into account the period it was established as a Co,operation to date, which is barely about two years. Mr. Peter Taiyon said that what the Co,operation needs is constant coaching, training of staff and other logistics to enable it stands on its leg and not to determine who should stay or not “Both the Director General and his Deputy should be provided the opportunity to interact with officials of Public Broadcasters in other countries, which will inject new ideas into their modus operandi that will transform the Co,operation to the expected standard” Mr. Taiyon went on and added that there are clear indications that both Generals are ready and prepared to learn. He recalled the initial financial input of US$2Million that was pumped into the Co, operation, which he said should not be allowed to waste and where there is need for a booster for the actualization of the dream of the Co, operation the United Nations should come in, but advised that editorial staff should try to be more professional in the execution of their duties.