Salone Police Opens Porno Industry in Darfur

This medium has refused to publish detailed and explicit pictures in our files about the officers as they portrayed themselves in the pornographic films which they consensually videoed while in action in Darfur.

The official spokesperson of the Sierra Leone Police, ASP Samura has told this press that they have clips of the pornographic materials and the officers in the clips resemble members of the Sierra Leone Police Force sent to Darfur on a Peacekeeping Mission and because they resembled officers of their establishment they are left with no alternative but to recall them for further investigation.

“Is the machine on and videoing”? Asked 53-year old Gladys Parkinson, a typist who was attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), yes! Responded her partner, a male officer believed to be in his 40s and the action began, leaving them in a state of unconsciousness and insecurity.

The scramble by officers of the Sierra Leone Police to proceed on Peacekeeping Mission may have many reasons, but the primordial and relevant one among the list is to save lives and properties and portray the image of their country better, but not for this two lovers who ended up damaging the reputation of their country as they transformed their assignment to a fashion that is most disgraceful to them and their colleagues.

From a Peacekeeping Mission to a pornographic industry and now the films are all over, distributed in and out of Darfur and to New York, Headquarters of the Peacekeeping Mission. Authorities of the Mission have requested that the two Sierra Leonean Officers should immediately leave their posts and returned home. Whether they will be replaced or not is left with the authorities to decide.

The industry opened with religious songs played in the background and the female partner is seen dancing and giving praise to God, miming and dancing attracted her male partner who entered the room and with a hug, both of them fell gently on the bed rolling on the arms of each another from one end of the bed to the other, while the video machine was on and rolling in pictures of the different scenes. After the exercise was over, it is reported that the pornographic materials were downloaded in memory sticks by each person. But how did it become public materials and distributed to colleagues and sent to New York?

Sources say one of them whether knowingly or unknowingly inserted the stick into one of the office computers in Darfur, which was network with other computers located in the same office.

Personally, one of them wanted to take a glance of previous performance and when it was clicked, the content was transferred to other computers that are used by colleagues of the Peacekeeping Mission from other countries assigned to that particular office. It becomes an uncontrollable material and colleagues started making mockery of them as they watched the two senior police officers from Sierra Leone performing different sexual gymnastics.

It would be recalled that when similar pornographic materials involving Christiana Bull and her partner leaked out to the public from a phone some months back, officers at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) interrogated them, obtained caution statement from them with the intention of pressing criminal charges against them, but for the intervention of the Law Officers Department they were released and asked to go home and comport themselves. Public nuisance and its related offences should have been slammed on them. Now that their peers and colleagues have been involved, it is not known whether they would be charged or treated the same way. ASP Samura has said that the matter will be thoroughly investigated, how true is another story yet to be told















































the two actor and actress in Darfur communicating to meet

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