So A Whiteman Can spit On A Blackman And Walk Free?…Rodney Must Warn His Fans

So A Whiteman Can spit On A Blackman And Walk Free?…Rodney Must Warn His Fans


Tim Kellow, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Graig Bellany Foundation, a nongovernmental organization with specific focus in Sierra Leone, which is among other things to develop Youth Football could be seen and described as a disgrace to British nationals living both in Sierra Leone and abroad. He has proven his distaste for the black race and his way of expressing it is by spitting his saliva on a Blackman. His saliva has not been tested clinically to know whether it is contagious or not. What Tim Kellow has done he would not do in the United Kingdom or in the suburbs of that country, because he knows that there are laws  that can bite him harder and possibly send him to jail. He sees Sierra Leone as a country where people are panic or suffering from pigmentation complex; therefore they should be treated like underdogs. It is unfortunate that he has disgraced the white race in a Blackman’s land, but it tells, especially those of us who have never travelled to the Whiteman’s land to experience discrimination and racism exhibited by some of these white folks against blacks. If this uncivilized and dirty act was perpetuated by a Blackman against a Whiteman, it would have been the talk of the town but for a Whiteman, it is no news, an offence he could have spent some time in jail in his country.

He has clearly exhibited the true character of haters of the back race, forgetting that he is in their midst. It is hoped that when the matter gets to court it would be treated seriously, for Tim Kellow to come to the fullest realization that Sierra Leoneans are human beings like himself and any other British citizen that should be accorded with dignity and equal value. It would be professionally, morally and legally wrong to blame Rodney Michael on whose behalf such uncut and uncivilized behaviour was expatiated by his friend because there is no evidence tangible or otherwise to suggest or imagine that Tim Kellow was influenced by him to behave irrationally. He should take responsibility for his action and pay the consequence for it.

At the time of showcasing his hate for the black race in the midst of other citizens of this country, Tim Kellow was neither insane nor was he suffering from a disease of mental depression at the time, he was in a sound mind and consciously executed the act. He had the intention and accomplished it to the best of his ability; therefore it would be in the interest of justice and fair play to treat the issue very seriously.

Mr. Rodney Michael should advise his supporters and all those who perceive him as the fittest person to take football to its highest peak to behave and comport themselves in the most civilized and gentlemanly way and not allow sentiments and emotions to overcome their human thinking and reasoning. In every endeavour, it is good to throw support behind the candidate of one’s choice, but let it be done in a way that society would appreciate, not the reverse. The behaviour of Tim Kellow, who claims to support Rodney Michael’s bid for the position of President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) is most unacceptable by decent societies. It may sound incredible to learn that a Whiteman spate on a Blackman, as a way of demonstrating his dislike for another candidate. One would therefore commend John Keister, Head Coach of FC Johansson for showing courage and confidence in the rule of law by not retaliating in like manner.