It is not known for how long Tim Kellow, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) for Graig Bellany Foundation has been in Sierra Leone. The Graig Bellany Foundation is a Nongovernmental Organization that claims to inject life into Youth Football in the country. It is a project that is expected to benefit Sierra Leoneans if it is executed according to the dictates laid out by the initiators of the project.

Not much is known about the project both in the urban and rural areas and the Chief Executive Officer has restricted to certain location, whether this is in compliance with the principles of the project or not is left to be explained.

Last weekend the CEO, during one of his many outdoor activities reportedly had an argument with a local Head Coach of a popular Football Club called Johansson that has been making significant success stories in and out of the country. The argument stemmed from the forthcoming Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) election to which the Chief Executive Officer of Graig Bellany Foundation has already thrown his support behind one of the candidates called Rodney Michael of Lebanese extraction against the only female candidate named Mrs. Aisha Johansson.

In the perception of the Graig Bellany Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Tim Kellow his candidate is the most qualified for the position. This show of feeling and support left him with no alternative but to spit on the Head Coach of FC Johansson, Mr. John Keister at the Atlantic Beach Bar last Saturday and Police officers present at the scene who had gone there to maintain calm and security at the beach. He was reportedly arrested and dragged to the Lumley Police Station where he spent some hours behind bars and released around 2.30 AM to officials from the British High Commission who went there to secure his bail after statement was obtained from him.

It is seldom for Police in Sierra Leone to release suspects during odd hours of the night, but it does appear that Tim Kellow was accorded special treatment by them after he had allegedly assaulted a renowned Sierra Leonean, whose contribution to football in Sierra Leone is enormous.

Complainant John Keister was issued with a medical report for examination to be conducted on him by a trained and qualified medical practitioner which he returned to the station and statement was obtained from him and his witnesses.

Today, Tim Kellow is expected to be charged to court under the laws of Sierra Leone and would at the Magistrate Court to respond to criminal charges that are in line with offences committed.

He would be represented by counsel from the law firm of B&G Partners while Mr. John Keister will be represented by the Chamber of Yada Williams and Co, one of the most reputable law firms in the country.

News about the alleged behaviour of Tim Kellow has been categorized as racist, a show of hate and distaste for another race; which he demonstrated publicly.

If the matter goes to court today as promised by the Prosecution Department of the Lumley Police Station, the accused Tim Kellow may not be granted bail for fear that he may leave the country unnoticed, but there are clear indications that the British High Commission would use diplomatic contacts for bail to be granted to its citizen and provide a Sierra Leonean surety. Tim Kellow is not a British Diplomat, but enjoying diplomatic support from his High Commission

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