Unlike ASP Banister whose scandalous activity did not make news headlines as it was concealed in New York through the assistance of her former Assistant Inspector General(AIG) of Police, Mrs. Fakondor whose office in the Peacekeeping Mission operations both in Darfur and  Somalia that Sierra Leone is contributing personnel to is playing pivotal role. However, both Sergeant Yetteh Ben Sieh, former Information Officer of the Bo Police Station and Inspector Gladys Parkinson are not as lucky as ASP Banister who was asked to return home quietly and continues to serve in the Sierra Leone Police Force and his file kept away from the eyes of nosy and curious colleagues.

Unfortunately, this time round Officer Mbayo, a Community Relations Personnel; who was a friend to Gladys Parkinson and her daughter has found the international scandal difficult to handle, unlike similar ugly episode that  he reportedly handled when he was caught on the “height” by the daughter-friend at the residence of his female police friend.

Jurisdiction has probably prevented every effort by colleagues including Officer Mbayo to put the situation away from the eyes of the Jordanian Peacekeeper, the alleged whistleblower who initially discovered the porno films in one of the office computers, which was previously used by Inspector Gladys Parkinson in Darfur and alerted others.

the two Sierra Leonean Police Officers who were on a UN peace keeping mission but end up in acting secret ponography

The films have now been distributed around the world, on mobile phones, cameras and computers in government and private offices giving opportunity to viewers to get a glimpse of the pornographic gymnastics performed by Sergeant Yetteh Ben Sieh and Inspector Gladys Parkinson who went to represent Sierra Leone on a Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur.

Up to press time, this medium has learnt that Police Headquarters has dispatched an official letter to the Peacekeeping Mission yesterday, expressing concern and has requested that the two Police Officers seen in the films who resembled their officers from the Sierra Leone Police Force be returned home.

Investigation by this medium has revealed that both officers are currently in Uganda, whether hibernating or still in the service of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission is yet unknown. However, reports state that Inspector Gladys Parkinson is in a confused state, a feeling she has made known to some of her colleagues in Freetown through telephone conversations with them. In one of her telephone conversation with her workmate at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), where she served as a typist, she enquired whether the pornographic materials have been distributed nationwide or just limited to officials of the Sierra Leone Police. Response from this side of the Globe was lukewarm and deceptive as it gave her confidence that the materials are not fully distributed as imagined.

It would be recalled that the activity took place sometime in April this year when Inspector Gladys Parkinson celebrated her 53rd birthday and invited her intimate Police Sergeant friend to celebrate with her. No wonder she was seen dancing and singing religious songs and playing music, even when filming was in process music was played at a low key. The pictures, sources say mean a lot to her as they would always refresh her memory and reflect on activities while in Darfur serving as a Peacekeeper.

At the Police Headquarters in Freetown on receipt of the memory stick that contained the pornographic material the authorities requested that it should be downloaded and played for them to assess the evidence. Senior Police Officers, sources say went home in a state of disillusionment, pondering over what they saw with their naked eyes.

Whether the officers would be returned by escort or allowed to travel independently is a decision that has to be determined by the Executive Board of the Sierra Leone Police to which the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Munu is an integral part.