Two Senior Medical Officers attached to the Pujehun Government Hospital last Tuesday changed their status from Medical Practitioners to fighters. The Medical Superintendent Dr. Moses Michael Kargbo and the District Medical Officer Dr. Francis Jaia, Head of the Pujehun District Health Management Team have now been referred to as the Mike Tyson of the Pujehun Hospital.

Two weeks back, Dr. Moses Michael Kargbo and Dr. Francis Jaia reportedly had a physical encounter at the Hospital Compound under the watchful eyes of onlookers and patients who are currently admitted at the Pujehun Government Hospital. The reasons for the alleged physical encounter are many, but prominent among them is over Government boarded vehicles that have been put on tender by the Medical Superintendent Dr. Moses Michael Kargbo to be sold by public auction.

It could be recalled that Government through the Ministry of Transport and Aviation had boarded in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies disposal of Government vehicles considered not fitted and road worthy. According to the report, the Medical superintendent Dr. Kargbo took part in the bidding process and won two of the vehicles. Documents relating to the two vehicles were reportedly sent to the authorities including those of the District Medical Officer Dr. Jaia from both the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and the Ministry of Transport and Aviation stating that the vehicles should be released to Dr. Moses Michael Kargbo. The report states that when the District Medical Officer received information that his colleague Dr. Kargbo was about to remove the said vehicles from the Hospital Compound, he instructed his driver Mohamed to take the vehicles in question to an unknown destination.

The trouble started when the Medical Superintendent stopped the driver from taking the vehicles away from the Hospital Compound. The driver reports wasted no time to inform his boss the District Medical Officer that he has been stopped by Dr. Kargbo not to take the vehicles away.

When the Medical Superintendent got a wind of the action of his colleague to remove the boarded vehicles from the Hospital Compound, he went to the Pujehun Police station and reported the matter. Police sources say, Dr. Kargbo was advised to go home that night and leave the matter until the following day for Police to conduct their investigation.

Instead of going home as advised by the Police Dr. Kargbo went to the Pujehun Hospital where sources alleged that the District Medical Officer had laid an ambushed for him at the Hospital Gate, which he fell unknowingly fighting into that prompted the fight between the two senior Medical Officers. The fight lasted for over one hour as the two of them tried to showcase their physical might openly on the Hospital Compound.

This unfortunate development is said to have put the Medical and Dental Association into disrepute embarrassment.

Dr. Moses Michael Kargbo was transferred to the Pujehun Government Hospital in July 2010 on secondment as a Medical Superintendent as a result of reported cases of poor medical and surgical operations undertaken by some of his colleagues assigned to the district. During his period Dr Kargbo carried out some minor administrative changes that did not go down well with some of his colleagues. He reportedly transferred all financial duties from the substantive Accountant of the Hospital to the newly transferred Hospital Secretary named Mr. Tejan Baryon, whom report alleges has no respect for public funds.

Commenting on the situation to this medium the District Officer, Pujehun District Mr. Kemoh Mansaray frowned at the two Senior Doctors, describing the situation as unfortunate. Mr. Kemoh Mansaray in a disappointed mood said that he was going to officially write to the two Medical Officers to explain why they should not be sacked from their professional duties.

The Local Unit Commander of the Pujehun Police Station, Mr. Richard Seddu has confirmed to this press that the two doctors fought over two Government used vehicles which he referred to as professional misconduct. He informed Standard Times that the Police is in possession of relevant documents relating to the vehicles, but what surprised the police and the Public was when the two Senior Doctors exchanged blows putting the reputation of the Hospital into shame. The people of Pujehun District are calling on  officials of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to replace the two Medical Officers  immediately as work is now at a standstill.