The former UNICEF, Programmer, Planner and Specialist Mr. Paul Aruna Sengeh, has officially declared to join the SLPP Mayoral race for the Bo City Council. It was at a very impressive ceremony; few weeks back held at the SLPP party Regional Office on Fenton Road in Bo that he declared his intention to contest for the position of City Mayor. Mr. Paul Aruna Sengeh is the third senior member of the party to demonstrate interest in the job.

Speaking at the declaration ceremony, the would-be Mayor informed his audience at the Jam-packed meeting that he is the right man for the right Job, adding that , with his impressive academic and professional experience if given the mandate he will ensure that the Bo City tops all  other Cities in the provincial towns in terms of development.

He disclosed that he served UNICEF for 14 years without blemish and he is conversant with the numerous problems affecting many local cities to which the city of Bo is not an exception “I have the solutions that can cure if not all the problems, but the most disturbing and damaging ones” He remarked. Mr. Sengeh said he will work very hard to ensure that his SLPP wins the 2012 elections.

He explained some of his achievements he has been engaged in towards the Development of Bo and Pujehun Districts respectively which, according to him helped to push the districts higher height. He referenced the construction of water facility, quality Laboratory in Bo, Kenema, Makeni and other Districts.  He recalled his days at UNICEF, when he spearheaded the construction of a Blood Bank for the maternal mortality prevention at the Bo Hospital and also provided mosques, Court Barrays and Schools in some towns in the Mallen Chiefdom in the Pujehun District.

Paul Aruna Sengeh

Mr. Sengeh said he was also instrumental in the construction of the maternity Hospital in Pujehun, Kono and the Koinadugu Districts and the construction of Health Clinics in Bo and Pujehun District in 1983-1992. Prior to those achievements Mr. Sengeh supported the Universal bed net distribution for malaria prevention in the two chiefdoms in the Pujehun District.

As Chief Patron of SLPP, Bo District, who doubles as member of the elder’s Council of the Party, Mr. Paul Aruna Sengeh told the people that he had participated in the SLPP development projects and the rehabilitation of displaced citizens in Bo during the rebel war in 1991 and 1995. According to him, his working life has taken him to several places in the country making, contribution to meaningful development of the country in General and Bo City in particular. He disclosed that on leaving the teaching field in 1983, he worked as a Development Primary Health Planner in the then Bo-Pujehun Development Primary Health Care Programmer, adding that as one of the top Management of the Programme Committee, he greatly influenced the construction of Health Clinics and Water Wells in Bo and Pujehun Districts to which over 80% of the Clinics and Water Wells constructed are still functional. Mr. Paul Aruna Sengeh maintained that due to the rebel incursion into the Southern Region, the German Bo-Pujehun Project was terminated, but remained in the township from 1992-1995 and worked with other Health Professionals on the prevention on mortality in the six Chiefdoms in Bo by upgrading the entire clinic team to prevent maternal mortality sections of Bo hospital.

Mr. Paul Aruna Sengeh was born in Pujehun District in the Mallen Chiefdom and acquired both his Primary and Secondary Education in Kono and Pujehun respectively. Happily marriage to Mrs. Elizabeth Sengeh for over 37 years with seven children, most of whom are University Graduates.

Explaining his educational background, Mr. Paul Aruna Sengeh said after his Secondary Education he proceeded to the Milton Margai Teacher’s College now Milton Margai College of Education Science and Technology and later pursued the Higher Teacher’s Certificate.

According to the aspirant he graduated as a Trained and Qualified Teacher in 1970 specializing in Mathematics and Physics. He further developed his educational profile by pursuing courses at FBC, University of Sierra Leone leading to the Degree of BSc General in 1980 and in Canada; he obtained a Master’s Degree in Medical Statistics in 1987 to become the first Medical Statistician in the country.

He informed his audience that he also secured a string of Post Graduate Certificates in Finance, Health Care in developing countries from  the Boston University School of Public Health in USA in 1995 and International Management and Leadership from the Georgia State University Global Health Action in 1996 and also Public Policy, Advocacy and Partnership from the University of Maastricht Graduate School of Government in 2006.

“My experience, cultural orientation, outlook, tolerance and respect for diversity are some of the key requisites that have giving me the initial qualification for the Mayoral job” He said and concluded by saying “The other qualifications are the votes from the people for the job, which am sure you will surrender to me on voting day”

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