For conspiracy, fraud, battery and domestic violence

By Unissa Bangura:

A Danish National, named Anders Peter Hansen; a braggadocio believed to be the owner and operator of a Class Diving Boat at the Aberdeen Beach in the western part of Freetown has been bonded in the sum of Two Hundred Million Leones (Le200, 000,000) together with his Co. Defendant by Magistrate Davies Cole of Court Number Five on several criminal indictments ranging from conspiracy, fraud, domestic violence and human rights abuse.

The Complainant, Kadiatu Kamara a one time winner of the West Africa Beauty Pageant appeared in Court and was represented by Lawyer Roland Nylander and team when the indictment papers were unfolded and charges read to the accused persons who stood in the dock almost in a state of regret as they reflect on utterances made against the country’s judicial and legal system that they least expected they would be dragged to as an alleged criminal guests and be forced to respond to over five- count- indictment.

At the jam-packed, the accused Anders Peter Hansen almost implicated the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Munu when he flipped over his mouth and told the Court that it was the Inspector General of Police who instructed him not to release the Complainant’s vehicle when she requested for it. By the side of the accused person was his co-defendant, believed to be his parlour wife, Zainab Sheriff, whom it would be recalled was thrown out of the Popular Big Brother Show hosted in South Africa for disorderly behavior. Count one states that both accused persons are charged with the offence of conspiracy, which is contrary to law, as documented in the Criminal Prosecution Act (CPA) of 1965.

The particulars of offence state that, the accused on 9th August, 2012 at 36 Sesay Drive, off Spur Road in the far West of Freetown in the Judicial District of the Republic of Sierra Leone conspired together with unknown persons to commit a crime, to wit Defamatory Libel. The second count, a Common Assault Contrary to Section 19 of the Summary Conviction Offences Cap 37 of the law of Sierra Leone alleges that the two Defendants on the same date and at the same venue in Freetown unlawfully assaulted the Complainant, Madam Kadiatu Kamara; while Count three states that the 1st Defendants Anders Peter Hansen on a date unknown that is between the 1st day of August 2011 and 31st day of July 2012 in Freetown in the Western Area of the Judicial District physically abused the Complainant with whom he had engaged in a domestic relationship.

Count four also alleged that the Danish National also sexually abused the Complainant on the same date. Count Five and Six further states that the 1st Defendant had obtained from the Complainant a credit by fraud Contrary to section 13 (1) of the debtors Act 1869. The indictment papers state that the 1st Defendant on dates between 1st day of August 2011 and 31st July, 2012 in Freetown incurred a debt to the Complainant in the sum of 150,000 United States Dollars which she entrusted to the 1st Defendant for the purpose of buying goods. On the Defamatory libel account, the particulars of offence state that on the 9th day of August 2012 at N0.36 Sesay Drive, off Spur Road in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone maliciously published Defamatory materials against the Complainant in spoken words to wit; ‘You Na Basta Pikin’ meaning the Complainant is a bastered; (a Child that is born out of wedlock) Count 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, the 2nd Defendant Zainab Sheriff is alleged to have unlawfully challenged the Complainant in a dual and willfully exposed her naked parts while the remaining charges alleged that the 2nd Defendant on the same date and at the same venue used abusive language against the Complainant and also published false statements that are likely to disturb the public peace against the Complainant.

Both Defendants did not take their plea. Defense lawyer for the accused persons Mr. Mainly Spain applied for bail to be granted to his Clients, stating reasons in support to his application for bail. Mr. Manley Spain claimed that the 1st Defendant, though a foreigner is also a semi citizen of Sierra Leone as he has been operating a business in country for well over twelve years. For the 2nd Defendant the Defense Lawyer told the Court that she is a Sierra Leonean with reliable people to stand as surety for her. Lawyer Roland Nylander objected to the bail application submitted by his colleague on the grounds that the offences under which the accused persons have been charged are very serious and went further to state that the possibility of the Defendants becoming a flight risk is high especially when the 1st Defendant is not a Sierra Leonean. In a similar vein, he told the Court that the 1st Defendant will likely interfere with the prosecution witnesses.

Other Lawyers that formed part of the prosecution team are Sulaiman Kabbah Koroma, RAD.Jones, COA.Timbo and ET.Koroma However, having listened to both sides of Prosecution and Defence, the Presiding Magistrate, Mr. Davies Cole took the risk of granting bail to the Defendants in the sum of One Hundred Million Leones and one surety each in like sum and the sureties must be a house owners, who are residents in the Western Area with title deeds properly vetted and deposited in Court, which is to be approved by the Master and Registrar of the High Court. The matter is adjourned to September 14, 2012.

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