When Momoh Wrote ex-President Kabbh“…the consequences could be fatal”


The late ex-President Momoh, probably could not have died at the time, either in Guinea where he passed away or in Sierra Leone if his colleague and friend, ex-President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah whom he bailed out from the net of Justice Beoku Betts indictment, whose recommendation about him was explicitly clear that Ahmed Tejan Kabbah’s property should be confiscated to the State of Sierra Leone, because the Commission discovered that he jointly and knowingly defrauded Millions of Pound Sterling in a Coco-Coffee deal that belonged to the State of Sierra Leone.

It was in the Republic of Guinea, where ex-President Momoh, fell terribly ill and needed financial support to save his life. Due to the circumstances that the late ex-President Momoh relinquished political power, it was difficult for him to put himself in a proper shape prior to his departure to Guinea, hence relied on friends and brothers he had helped while serving as President of Sierra Leone.

In a letter dated 13th May, 2003 sent by the late Joseph Saidu Momoh in Guinea to ex-President Kabbah requesting assistance from him to secure his end-of-service benefits from both the military and as ex-President of the Republic of Sierra Leone so that he could proceed overseas for better medical assistance. He had been notified by the doctors in Guinea who initially conducted a surgical operation on him that they made an error, therefore he should proceed overseas immediately for better medical attention “The doctors who performed the operation have been honest enough to admit that they made an error and seeing the serious effect it is having on my general health, which is depreciating by the day, have strongly advised that I proceed abroad for urgent medical attention, otherwise the consequences would could be fatal” The late ex-President Momoh revealed his medical condition to his colleague and friend.

The late ex-president had his hope and expectation dashed when he learnt that his legitimate request has turned to a national debate, which was put on the national alter by ex-President Kabbah. The news, when reported to him on his sick bed increased his predicament and turned his hope to hopelessness.

It would be recalled that on his return to Sierra Leone after years of absence in the country as a result of the Coco-Coffee scandal and the Beoku Betts report and recommendation that saw the seizure of his property, ex-President Kabbah pleaded with the late ex-president Momoh to use his presidential power, overturned the recommendation, pardoned him and restore his seized property to him. The late ex-President Momoh, based on the belief and confidence he had in their friendship ordered his then Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dr. Abdulai Conteh to do the necessary legal documents forwarded them to him, which he endorsed using that section of the 1978 Constitution that empowered him to do so. This made it possible for ex-President Kabbah to secure his property again.

When the table turned, and ex-President Kabbah found himself where the late ex-President Momoh was that enabled him to render him assistance he refused to render such to him, instead he made mockery of him and exposed him to public ridicule.

“Without mincing words, let me be very frank to state that my present socio-economic situation has degenerated to such a hopeless level that my family and I are subsisting virtually on dry bread and cold water and I am ominously close to the level of destitution” He said and added “Let it not be said that it was during your presidency that a former President of Sierra Leone died in a foreign land in abject poverty”

Even when he concluded with these solemn words, ex-President Kabbah paid no attention to him until he died in Guinea in a very disgraceful manner. The SLPP Government of ex-President Kabbah put out a press release and left the issue of end-of-service benefits and property of his late colleague in the public domain and returned only his house that situates along Pademba Road(Read in this edition the press release from the Kabbah led SLPP Government and late ex-President Momoh’s letter of legitimate request)


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