AHMAD TEJAN KABBAH: A Statesman or National Deceiver?

By Philip Nevile

The Mo. Ibrahim assessment of leaders in Africa and their performances in relation to politics, social, development and economic growth is democratically significant towards progress and the socio-economic and political development of Africa. It promotes consciousness, dedication to oath to serving the people rightly, leadership and good governance. Unfortunately, such exercise is not practiced in Sierra Leone, if however it does; the wonder is whether it could be done impartially and according to the dictates of democracy and good governance.

Ex-President Kabbah has lived a life that could not be described as exemplary, which warrants the question as to whether he is a statesman or a national deceiver. It is not that everything about him is in flux, but the fact remains undisputable that the evil and the ugly outweigh the good and better, therefore in this vein; question must be asked. The name (Ahmed) Ahmad Tejan Kabbah is not new to the Geography of Sierra Leone, nor is it new to the politics of the country, even at the age of 80+, his name makes ugly rings in the eardrum of his fellow compatriots and even in some parts of the globe, not in any decent manner. Most members, dead or still alive of the SLPP are not happy with him because of the way he used his political might to get them down. Some would have preferred him dead by now; but for this writer he would love to see him forever and ever.

As indicated in this piece that not everything about him is ugly or in flux, there are certain good things about him, though not remarkable and cannot be emulated, however history would find a place for him. He was my President, your President and our President (Courtesy Professor Kaikai), his former spokesman that he dumped after building his image.

Ex-President Kabbah has strictly conformed to the doctrine of Hegel that there is no morality in politics, if there had been any, he would not have gone to the extent of championing the campaign trail of the man he publicly undressed. One would ask what is left of retired Julius Maada Bio that ex-President Kabbah went to Karina to tell his people? Morally, he is not the right person to do the job; perhaps, another SLPP member could do  a better job than him.(Read how he sent the ACC to chase Mr. James Sanpha Koroma)


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