Mr. Minkailu Mansaray is the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources in the current Cabinet of the Ernest Bai Koroma Government. He is also serving as the APC Chairman, Western Area; an executive position of the party. His political assignment covers both the Western Area and Western Rural and because of that he takes undue advantage against certain members of his party that he feels are not supporting his policy. Party supporters who are not admirers of the APC Chairman, Western Area policy of imposing unpopular Candidates are right in their opinion as they perceive the act as not  patronizing the party and also as a factor that would cause  serious defeat  in some constituencies in the Western Area for the party come November 2012. Additionally, Hon. Minkailu Mansaray’s action, they allege clearly depicts biases for some Candidates vying for various positions including Members of Parliament, who are clamoring to clinch the party symbol for the 2012 election.

Accusing fingers are pointed at the APC Western Area Chairman for what they described as using undue influence and his position in the party to manipulate the minds of members of the electoral college, in the same way accusations have levied against him for the unpalatable event that took place in the Councilor  bye election at Fourah Bay, which left a number of people wounded and subsequently tear- gassed  by some members of the Sierra Leone Police who went to the scene to put the situation under control.

The outcome of the Councilor bye election in Fourah Bay earned the SLPP a victory to the displeasure of some APC party stalwarts who felt that in no way should  the SLPP have won the seat, placing a huge chunk of the blame on the Western Area Chairman of the party.

A similar scenario may soon repeat itself in a number of constituencies in Freetown come November, if according to inside sources of the party, President Koroma refuses to contain the excesses of Hon. Minkailu Mansaray and allowed him to continue bulldozing and imposing Candidates that are not the choice of the people.

Effort by this medium to get Hon. Minkailu Mansaray’s comment on 076367574 proved futile as he refuses to respond to calls. President Koroma’s initiative of establishing Electoral College comprising members of the various communities to determine the award of symbols to Candidates of their choice has been highly commended, especially when the initiative is providing the opportunity for people in the various communities to be directly involved in the process. In the same vein the conciliatory committee to appease losers has also been applauded as a right step in the development and growth for democracy, despite these brilliant undertakings, it is becoming clear that some members in the APC hierarchy are not happy with President Koroma democratic initiative, and one such member they allege is Hon. Minikailu Mansaray.

Trouble now seems to be brewing in both constituencies 95 and 101, where Hon. Minkailu Mansaray is desperately trying to manipulate members of the Electoral College to endorse his Candidate and not that of the electorate. Mr. Claude Kamanda, report states has had his popularity diminished some years back, but being a close ally of Hon. Minkailu Mansaray, whose political jurisdiction as Chairman of the Western Area covers his area, he is reportedly pulling and drawing strings to  get members of the Electoral College to endorse Hon. Claude Kamanda, disregarding objectivity, fair play and the  rules that governed the process and the right of the electorate to elect their choice. Party sources have alleged that the Western Area Chairman has become very notorious in his dealing with the electoral lists. In the case of Constituency 95, he would prefer Hon. Claude Kamanda’s list to that of the Electoral College and ready to inflict disaster on any member who put up resistance to his manipulative action.

The other day the Eastend District Chairman of Constituency 101, Mr. Kabbah Bangura reportedly threatened to resign his position and to remain an ordinary member of the APC if Hon. Minkailu Mansaray  continues to pile pressure on him for his Candidate, Mr. Salieu A.B. Kargbo, an individual they have allegedly described as very notorious in racketeering. Reason for Hon. Minkailu Mansaray to throw his support behind him is not known, until the APC makes the gravest mistake of blessing him with a party symbol,”A source at the constituency remarked.

There are about ten contestants for the APC symbol in constituency 101. Report states that the Chairman of the region Mr. Kabbah Kamara was cautiously approaching the entire exercise, until Hon. Minkailu Mansaray allegedly threw spanner into the works and have been intimidating members of the College to have his way and to endorse the infamous racketeer Salieu A.B. Kargbo.

21st Century democracy makes no provision for thuggery, backstabbing and imposing Candidates on the people; on the contrary it makes provision for electorate to choose their representatives. This is the lesson the Western Area Chairman, Hon. Minkailu Mansaray should lesson by now.

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