BY: Captain Saio S. Marrah (Rtd), Expert in International Relations and Security Studies

After an ardent and complex route in the academia that includes but by no means limited to expositions on epistemology, logical thinking and metaphysics, Plato comes to the logical conclusion that justice is the premise of rational leaders. Leaders as articulated in “Plato’s state” are fit to govern because they have the power of philosophy, which (I will argue) is the highest form of reasoning. In other words, this power of philosophy enables leaders to rule justly and wisely.

Plato perceives philosophy and leadership as two sides of the same coin and not two different doctrines that negate each other. In short, he sees it as a crucial and fundamental means of governing fairly. Meaning, one cannot govern justly without rational, philosophical and critical judgement, which precludes narcissistic and self-absorbed leadership epitomised by irrationality and egocentric tendencies. I am not suggesting here that leaders should be philosophers. In lieu, I’m insinuating that leaders should get the ‘spirit and power of philosophy’. The habitual exercise of critical reasoning and a drive to get at the truth are the constitutive elements of the spirit of philosophy, as applied to rational leadership. This means putting aside one’s obligations to material rewards so that one can adhere to the obligations of objective truth. Such philosophical leadership criteria outlined by Plato was demonstrated by our president – Ernest Bai Koroma in his handling of the proposed NEC nomination fees.

The highly topical issue surrounding the nomination fees in the upcoming November 17th General Elections was professionally and rationally handled by His Excellency the President – Ernest Bai Koroma (last Thursday – 13th September, 2012). Prior to the timely intervention of the President, seven political parties had threatened to boycott the aforesaid elections as they perceive the nomination fees to be too exorbitant. However, the president shocked the other political parties by modifying the new nomination fees proposed by NEC to the 2007 (nomination fees) while promising that the government of Sierra Leone will subsidise the deficits. As a result of such rational and critical judgement by the President, the leader of the NDA party Alhaji Amadu Jalloh outlined his objective assessment  which underpins Plato’s perspective on innate leaders………. “I admire the wisdom and good judgement of the president who had saved the elections from total collapse. You may wish to convey my gratitude and admiration for his timely intervention. This is how statesmen conduct the affairs of the state”.

“Such diminutive but rather plethora statement by the NDA leader Alhaji Amadu Jalloh underscores Plato’s philosophical assessment and explanatory variables of an innate and rational leader like President Ernest Bai Koroma. President Koroma has demonstrated that greatness is not premised on coercive control of the people but the ability to negotiate, compromise and move on during complex interdependency”.

The president’s proactive action doesn’t only remove the debacle of the November 17th elections but showcases other spider web benefits that roll-up with his decision. For instance, in the context of Democracy and jurisdiction, the President has ones again demonstrated he understands the main tenant of Democracy; that is supporting the interest of the majority which automatically translate into justice. If we contextualise the president’s decision within the context of Conflict Studies in tandem with Sierra Leone being a Fragile and Post-conflict State, it meant that he is the sustainer of our peace and national unity. Because the saga surrounding the nomination fees was going to continually pull us apart. In the milieu of International Political Economy within the framework of Economic and Foreign Investment, the President’s decision allays the fear of foreign investors who are always jittery and apprehensive about uncertainty and political violence in the South of the Sahel before and during elections. The President’s astute decision didn’t only calm the political parties opposed to the now defunct nomination fees but also composed foreign investors. Who else do we need to lead us if not President Koeoma.

As leadership is about doing the right thing and acting justly in furtherance of national interest, what else can fellow Sierra Leonean demand come November 17th in terms of rational and selfless leadership? Mr. President, thank you for “re-enfranchising” the electorates of Sierra Leone but most importantly, may God continue to bless you for sustaining our hard-earned peace and stability.

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