SDO SQUEEZES PC GOWAI…over corruption and fraud


The Senior District Officer (SDO) for Kenema District, Sheik Kargbo has launched an investigation into allegations levied against the Paramount Chief Amara Jobo Gowai Sama by some of his subjects and a group calling itself Tunkia Descendants Association.

On 22nd September, 2012 the SDO together with other stakeholders including the Paramount Chief of Dama Chiefdom, Kenema district PC Momoh Forwai were in Gorahun town to get the side of Paramount Chief, Gowai Sama on allegation of corrupt practices levied against him.

The SDO in his explanation informed both the Paramount Chief and his subjects about a petition letter sent in by some of his subjects. In the letter the petitioners highlighted areas of concern including the suspension and appointment of sub chiefs by the Paramount Chiefs without due regards for normal procedures and protocols. The practice of none accountability of funds by the Paramount Chief in areas relating to Chiefdom Development Funds since 2004 to date.  Alleged conversion of Chiefdom Funds for personal use, land grabbing, signing of Lease Agreement with different and many groups were contained in the long list of allegations in the petition letter.

PC Govan

The Senior District Officer said the investigation is not to widen the conflict between the Paramount Chief and his people or to nurture grudge and hate in the Chiefdom, but to usher in respect for Authority and unity among all.

Paramount Gowai Sama in his response described the leader of the Tunkia Descendants Association, Mr. Musa Taimeh and his Executive as trouble makers who have no idea in bringing development to the Chiefdom. “It is because I have refused to sign a Lease Agreement to mine Iron Ore in the Gola Forest Reserve that is the reason why they are coming up with all sort of corruption allegations against me” The PC explained .He went further to explain that the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone and the Government of President Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia have jointly declared the Gola Forest a National Park, in spite of that they want to land me into trouble, “I will not” He added.

When asked by the SDO to clarify point after point the allegations contained in the petition letter, he referred to them as baseless, stating that he should be praised for bringing development to the Chiefdom such as the Ngiegbwema Town Barry, the IFAD Community Bank in Gorahun, the construction of culverts and bridges among others.

At the end of the hearing, Alhaji Banila Sesay an indigene of the Tunkia Chiefdom requested from the SDO to be given the opportunity to look into the matter at family level with the hope of finding an amicable resolution. The matter is temporarily adjourned until after the family meeting between the Paramount Chief, his subjects and Alhaji Banila Sesay..

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