Hill Cut Road Execution style: Bio’s Coup Makers Were Absent at Goderich Street

Hill Cut Road was to be the crime scene, where JMT Kaikai and others would have executed the plan, which would have sent the late ex-president Joseph Saidu Momoh to his untimely death. The late JMT Kaikai had masterminded and perfected the plan to bear the semblance of a vehicle break down, and by the time the convoy of the late ex-president would have arrived at the scene, there would have been a blockage already in place, which would have made the plan easily executed.

Perhaps, it was the late ex-president’s natural instinct that cautioned him not to use the route he had been used to travel to and from his official residence at Spur Road or probably the information leaked to him prior to the execution, that Hill Cut Road was going to be his death trap if his convoy had passed the usual route. Whichever way one could have assumed the aversion, the credit should be attributed to divine intervention.

In a similar vein, some young malnourished and inexperienced military officers abandoned their posts in April, 1992 and surfaced in the city of Freetown with AK 47 rifles, rocket propel bombs and armored vehicles claiming that they had come to make a plea to the President, again it was the late ex-president Joseph Saidu Momoh that they have not been receiving their rations, salaries, arms and ammunitions to prosecute the war. Further, they claimed that they were not well taken care of by the government. The current SLPP flag bearer Julius Maada Bio was part of the group that emerged on the city of Freetown to make a case on behalf of their colleagues who were at the war front fighting hard and dry.

Abandonment of post, be it in the Police Force, Fire Department, Security or Armed Forces is a crime that attracts punishment, but it was clear that these men in military fatigues were up to something diabolical, which became evident when they let out bullets from their weapons to put the war troubled Sierra Leoneans by then in panic and further subdued them into accepting them as the messiah of the state. Little did the dancing crowd of April 29th 1992 realize that they were celebrating the downfall of a state and the plundering of its resources by power-thirsty-hungry men in military camouflage and black glasses. Sierra Leone as a country surprisingly retrogressed instead of progressed as expected by the dancing crowd. Eleven years after the rein of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), an individual from the same group of military men that contributed immensely to the backwardness of the state captured the leadership of the party and catapulted himself and since his elevation to the position of Presidential Candidate, he has been displaying high level of dogmatic and irrational behavior to the distress and embarrassment of some of his party members.

Last Friday 12th October, 2012 Julius Maada Bio displayed what he knows best and that is, how to disrupt a Presidential convoy and overthrow the leadership of that government. Unfortunately, it would appear that the arrangement for the “Hill Cut Road style of execution” was porous. The coup makers, with the exception of their leader were absent to perfect what Julius Maada Bio had planned and which was to materialize last Friday 12th October, 2012 at Goderich Street during the day. What Julius Maada Bio failed to comprehend prior to his unaccomplished mission is the impossibility to unseat or overthrow a popular President or leader of a country. Also, since he is politically myopic, he was unable to grasp the current reality of times that coups are unacceptable these days in Sierra Leone and the world, in a civilized democracy where ballot boxes have the answers to the question of performance and social contract.

It is clear from last week’s ungentlemanly behavior and disrespect for authority that Julius Maada Bio has the propensity to embark on an unpopular extra mile to achieve his political mission, an affront to the people of this nation whom he squeezed dry of their resources and extravagantly put into a bottomless pit in Ghana and other countries. He may have imagined in his quiet moment that he is politically compatible as an ordinary flag bearer of a political party to President Ernest Bai Koroma who is not only a party leader and Chairman, but President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Julius Maada Bio is on the same political wave length with Mohammed Bangura, Leader and Flag bearer of the United Democratic Party (UDM), Charles Francis Margai of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) and other mushroom political parties in Sierra Leone. Regrettably, this is the type of leader and Flag bearer that the SLPP wants the electorate of this country to cast their votes for, a leader and candidate who have no respect for authority, a leader who contributed to the unlawful and brutal killings of his compatriots, a leader who believe in brutalism and barbarity. The Hill Cut Road execution style has woefully failed to produce the expected dividend; probably those he arranged with to implement the plan saw the futility of the mission and decided to back out of the diabolical plan which would have been nasty. That is why the exercise boomerang


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